Efforts made to contact 911 for help failed, says mother of woman brutally stabbed by partner

Dead: Glenn Forde

In recalling the horrifying experience that her daughter endured at the hands of her jealous husband, the mother of the 30-year-old woman who was brutally stabbed on Saturday last related that several efforts were made to contact the Police and the 911 emergency system for assistance during the ordeal, but they were unsuccessful.

The victim; Colleen Daly, of Calabash Alley, North East La Penitence, Georgetown, is still at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where she remains a patient after she was stabbed about her body several times by her abusive husband, who later committed suicide.

In an interview with INews, the injured woman’s mother, Allison Daly, stated that Colleen called her on Friday night and informed her that she is “fed up” of the relationship.

“She called me and was crying and saying that she ain’t able with this and I said this hour, the night I want to sleep because I have to go to work in the morning; and he keep going on and sharpening the knife threatening to kill her,” Allison explained.

Following that, the aggrieved mother explained that she encouraged Collen to lodge a report with the police, but Colleen turned a deaf ear on her plea.

Allison contacted her on Saturday and as she was on the telephone with her daughter, Glenn Forde launched his attack.

Allison recalled trying to contact the police, but all her efforts were futile.

“But nobody was going to her rescue and I left with the phone in my hand because her phone fall out of her hands and I heard the commotion and then I cut off my phone and I start calling 911…and then I call my cousin give me a station number and while my neighbour calling the station, I keep dialling 911 and we ain’t getting through,” the mother said.

Daly and her reputed husband were together for over nine years. They have three children. According to the distressed mother, Forde has always been abusive towards her daughter.

Colleen Daly

Colleen was stabbed and chopped about her body multiple times and sustained injuries to her head, feet, and abdomen. She received severe injuries to her intestines.

On the day in question, Forde, also known as “Blackboy”, a fish vendor at the Meadow Bank Wharf, accused the woman of infidelity which led to the argument that eventually escalated. But the woman’s mother refuted such claims, stating that Forde was the only man in her daughter’s life.

It was then that Forde picked up a knife, which he used to clean fish and dealt the woman several chops and stabs.

Believing that Daly was dead, the man then climbed onto the roof of his house, threw a two-by-four wood on the woman, and slit his throat. He then fell to the ground and died on the spot.

Daly was picked up by public-spirited persons and rushed to the hospital where she has undergone three surgeries. Her condition is listed as stable.

The victim’s mother described Forde as a “disrespectful person”, adding that he also threatened her on numerous occasions. She added that having witnessed her daughter’s anguish throughout the years, she is urging both men and women to get out of any abusive relationship.