Eccles man commits suicide…relatives say he showed no signs of distress


The lifeless body of a man was early Saturday morning found hanging in his home, leaving family members baffled as to what may have caused him to end his life.

Curt Anthony Ossorio
Curt Anthony Ossorio

Dead is Curt Ossorio, 20, of Eccles, East Bank Demerara (EBD), whose body was discovered by his roommate.

According to reports, Ossorio, an employee of the Demerara Harbour Bridge Mall, showed no signs of distress or of having problems.

INews was told that relatives of Ossorio were contacted at around 01:30h by Police who were at the scene of the incident and informed of the tragedy.

Ann Leung, sister of the dead man was quoted in a section of the media as saying: “We got the call and everyone broke down but we were told that we had to identify his body. When we arrived at the scene, the police did not take him down as yet and he was just hanging there. I could not take what I was seeing and broke down right there.”

She added that the last time she saw her brother, he was his usual self and explained she did not see any signs whatsoever that he was having trouble.

“I did not sense that anything was wrong with him, even his aunt saw him during the day and she said that he looked well and that she did not see anything strange,” the sister added.

Ossorio is described as a loving, kind, caring and very jovial person.




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