East Coast taxi driver robbed – two suspects apprehended, vehicle recovered

Police are investigating a robbery-under-arms which occurred about 21:00hrs last night at Bachelor’s Adventure, East Coast Demerara committed on Suresh Vilvhire, a taxi driver of Good Hope.
robbery1Investigations revealed that Suresh Vilvhire was hired by two of the suspects who instructed him to drive to a location where they were joined by two more suspects, one of whom placed a cutlass to his neck and relieved him of his valuables and the motor car and left him on the public road in the vicinity of Bachelor’s Adventure.
The victim alerted a passing police patrol, which gave chase and the vehicle and two of the suspects were apprehended in ‘B’ Field Sophia.
Investigations are in progress.


  1. These taxi drivers work long blood and sweat hours, some 6 days a week to provide for their family. Its a dam shame . As part of the punishment these bandits should do 6 months of Community Service to help clean our city drains and weed the bushes . Fill the pot holes in our streets
    They will learn to value people labour and think twice about robbing them.


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