East Bank service disruption caused by private excavation works – GPL


Following a prolonged period of power outages affecting customers from Nandy Park to Grove, East Bank Demerara (EBD), a technical team from the Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) conducted a comprehensive inspection of GPL’s network and discovered a dislodged Guy-wire on one of the Company’s primary poles carrying the 13.8 kV (13, 800 volts) network.

The Guy-wire, which was used to provide support to the primary pole and network, was dislodged during excavation work by a landowner in the Re-migrant Scheme at Providence, EBD.

The dislodgment of the Guy-wire disrupted the angle of the pole resulting in the sagging of the 13.8 kV conductor.

As a result, the conductor came into contact with the earth wire on the low voltage network causing the disruption in power supply which customers first experienced in the early afternoon of Sunday, March 7, 2021.

Remedial work commenced immediately to restore service to the affected areas.

Power was restored to most customers at approximately 16:03hrs, while the remaining customers were repowered at approximately 18:04 hrs.