E-Networks introduces new services

President Ramotar shares a moment with the Managing Director of E-Networks, Vishok Persaud and Prime Minister Samuel Hinds.
President Ramotar shares a moment with the Managing Director of E-Networks, Vishok Persaud and Prime Minister Samuel Hinds.

On Friday, E-Networks celebrated its 10th anniversary since entering the ICT industry, and during the anniversary observance at Georgetown Club, several new services were introduced to customers.

An arrangement with HBO which allows E-Networks to access HD channels and premium content such as HBO on demand and HBO Max was disclosed by the company.

It also introduced Control 4, an automated home system which allows the owner to manage all the connected electronic devices in a consumer’s home.

In 2010, E-Networks introduced the WiMAX network which covers Georgetown and its environs including Diamond on the East Bank of Demerara, and provides high speed wireless broadband services.

The new technology removed the need for a connection crew to visit the home or office of a customer and has a speed that surpasses that of the current wire line infrastructure in Guyana.

The company won the partnership of Huawei, China’s world leading telecommunication solution and service supplier. Huawei currently has 79 commercial WiMAX network contracts worldwide and ranks number one in terms of newly added versions.

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A section of the gathering at the celebration

These new innovations come at a time when the company is in a good position to further its growth and development.

“Our country is a young country still at an early stage of development in many areas and we have a small population…we have a task to develop our country and I want to commend Vishok (Persaud) for taking up the challenge to contribute to our country’s development,” stated Prime Minister Samuel Hinds.

E-Networks is the brain child of Managing Director, Vishok Persaud. PM Hinds also acknowledged that others have exercised faith in Guyana’s economy by investing in various sectors.

“We welcome the ICT sector. Our policy for the development of our country includes the refashioning of traditional industries so that they can become profitable, and at the same time we are looking at the development of new economies – particularly ICT,” he said.

The PM emphasised that E-networks is one such company that has demonstrated faith in Guyana’s ICT sector which has grown over the last few years. He recalled in the early 1900s when one had to book an international call and wait, sometimes days, for the operator to call back before the call is put through.

Today, there are smart phones which allow people to communicate via BBM, WatsApp and Facebook, the Prime Minister illustrated. This, he posited, is turning the world into that proverbial village Marshall McLuhan envisaged decades ago.

Joining in the celebrations were representatives from ESPN and Turner Brothers.


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