E-Link fibre optic cable rehabilitation to begin soon–


Fibre-Optic-Cable-National-Broadband-Network-12499607[www.inewsguyana.com] – Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon says the Government is engaging with a consortium to begin rehabilitation work on the fibre optic cable noting that he is in possession of some of the latest reports on the progress being made in this regard.

 The billion dollar project was affected by several defects and according to Luncheon, efforts are being made to “restore the fibre optic cable to its original design, and indeed its original purpose, transmission of bandwidth from Brazil to Castellani in Georgetown which are in the process of being corrected”.

 It has been some four years since the agreement was signed between Guyana and Brazil for a fibre-optic cable to link Government facilities and provide additional broadband internet capacity, locally.

 The E-Government project will comprise a data centre, a transmission network and data network. The data centre, or control centre, is to be housed in the compound of Castellani House.

 Government had announced that the connection would have allowed for, in addition to connectivity, a range of services such as “E-Health” allowing for video consultation, movement of information to and from health centres.

 Security will also benefit as the project would allow quick transmission of information including video and data between police stations.

 The project intends to also enable the setting up of an “E-library” which would allow for access to textbooks and other teaching aids, via the internet. [ Extracted And Edited From GINA]



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