E-Governance project to be reviewed; Alexei Ramotar yet to show up at work

Alexei Ramotar

By Jomo Paul

Planned distribution of satellites in the project.
Planned distribution of satellites in the project.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Minister of State, Joseph Harmon has revealed that the government is set to review the functionality of the controversial E-Governance project as part of a wider review of developmental projects birthed under the former People’s Progressive Party/Civic Administration.

Harmon made the disclosure at a post cabinet media briefing on Wednesday, where it was pointed out that the project could still be feasible.

The US$32 million project entails the laying of fibre optic cables from Brazil to Guyana and began more than four years ago under the watch of Alexei Ramotar, son of Former President Donald Ramotar and has suffered a slew of major setbacks in the past years.

The project, when completed, is supposed to see the establishment of a robust ICT system that will improve the internet connectivity within Guyana and increase access to international carriers, through the implementation of Guyana’s first 4G network, utilizing TDD LTE technology.

Head of the E - Governance Project, Alexei Ramotar.
Head of the E – Governance Project, Alexei Ramotar.

Harmon told reporters that the project “will come under our radar very very soon…That is another one that is on-going that is eating up public funds.”

The Minister stressed that government may have to draw a line on the project if it continues on its current downward trajectory.

“The manner in which the E – governance had been executed that will also come under review, I am looking at several things  in this regard because money is being spent on a daily basis on some of these projects, we may have to just draw the line and say well look no more work until such time,” said Harmon.

The Minister of State also indicated that the Head of the Project, Ramotar has not reported for duty for some 30 odd days nor has he given the government any indication that he wishes to resign.

Efforts made by iNews to contact,the younger Ramotar on the issue proved futile. 



  1. Well…well… nothing is new here friends and family get jobs in the PPP government and other people are denied employment because they are of another race. When will the daughter get let go from her position …The son was absent from the job and expect to have employment . He feels entitled, wake up your PAPA is no longer the president.

  2. Was this a “no show job”. Receiving millions of the nation’s monies and not showing up for work. How many other “no show jobs” were and are still on the government payroll from the former administration. Please continue to investigate and try to recover the nation monies.

    Why was the former President Ramotar son given such a critical and vital position while the president was still in office. This is nepotism and a conflict of interest. Where did the $32 million (US dollars) went and in whose pockets did it go into. Is the laying of fibre optic cables from Brazil to Guyana completed. Of course the project will have major setbacks like all the other projects they implemented namely the specialized hospital, etc. The millions of dollars slated for these projects are not being appropriated for the scope of work of the projects but are being routed into the pockets of those criminals. Investigations should be ongoing and they should be charged for misappropriation of government funds. Twenty three years of theft of the country monitory resources while the citizens are disenfranchised by services. That is why they are fighting aggressively to stay in power to continue to bleed the nation.

    Thanks to the new coalition government for investigating and closing these crookish gaps that were established by the former government.

  3. If I do not show up for work for 30 days, I have resigned! Otherwise, I am automatically terminated! Alexi has witch-hunted himself out of his job for which he was never competent to handle.

  4. His absence is indicative of the way the ppp threw tax payers money at their family and friends. These are the people that still want to run the country. Guyana simply cannot afford the PPP and their cronies any longer. Fire that fool!!!

  5. Utter nonsense. Alexei if the project is a good one stick around and offer your services in a meaningful way and with professionalism, or is that something you don’t know.


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