Dynamic Airways celebrates one year anniversary; plans to add Toronto route

Captain Gerry Gouveia flanked by the Dynamic Airways Team.

By Jomo Paul

Captain Gerry Gouveia flanked by the Dynamic Airways Team.
Captain Gerry Gouveia flanked by the Dynamic Airways Team.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – After getting off to a rather rocky start of their operations in Guyana, Dynamic Airways is now looking to expand the services being offered by adding another destination to its schedule – Toronto, Canada.

This is according to the local patron of the company, Captain Gerald Gouveia, who explained that the company is making some headway in establishing a Guyana – Toronto route.
The company is currently celebrating its first anniversary in Guyana but that first year has not been an easy one; as admitted by Gouveia, the company underwent management and policy reforms and the staff themselves had several sleepless nights.

This was coupled with several instances of passengers being stranded both in Guyana and at the John F. Kennedy International Airport as a result of some in house deficiencies, creating a huge smudge on the image of Dynamic Airways.

According to Gouveia, Dynamic Airways has given him a “dynamic headache.”

The local airline guru is however advocating that those days are gone as Dynamic Airways looks to firmly establish its role in Guyana’s airline industry as the replacement for Delta Airways.

“Those days are behind us…Dynamic has actually been doing wonderful work,” Gouveia told reporters and company officials on Thursday, later adding “Dynamic is quickly replacing that vacuum that was left by Delta airways.”

The Captain pointed out too that in this regard, Dynamic Airways is looking to add a fifth flight to its schedule as it prepares for the busy July/August travel season.

Flights are expected to increase to as many as seven per week to handle inbound and outbound passengers during this season and Gouveia is affirmative that the company has the capacity to handle these operations.




  1. Guyana need proper air services around the world because r spread to lots of far corner of this earth and quite a lot will love to pay regular visit back home but the flights r very expensive with poor services. It will b good if the minister of tourism could look into this as it is taking away a lot from the economy so please do something so people will visit home more often as well as boost the tourism industry. Oh and also do something with the crime it seem as though the men on the road have more weapon than the arm force.


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