Driver who knocked down St Lucian scouts in Guyana jailed


The female driver who slammed into three St Lucian scouts last Tuesday, was today slapped with two charges in relation to the accident when she appeared before Magistrate Renita Singh at Court seven of the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.

The driver of the motor car (in pink) at the scene along with investigators after hitting two St Lucian boys
The driver of the motor car (in pink) at the scene along with investigators after hitting two St Lucian boys

INews understands that the driver, Tracy Fordyce, of Cowan Street, Kingston, Georgetown, was charged with dangerous driving and breach of a one-way. She pleaded guilty to both charges and was sentenced to ten (10) months imprisonment on the dangerous driving charge and fined $15,000.00 on the other charge.

Police said that at about 12:10 Pm on July 26, 2016, Fordyce drove  motor car PSS 1236 and struck down two St. Lucian Scouts namely; Nick  Omarie Joseph, 8 years and Darnell Matthews, 9 years, who are attending the 14th Caribbean Cuboree.

According to reports, the two boys were walking along the Avenue, under the guidance of a St Lucian adult, heading towards the Scouts Association building when the accident occurred. The adult who was leading the group at the time also suffered minor injuries.

Eyewitnesses claimed that the driver had gone to a nearby school for registration but was refused entry because she was wearing armless clothing. This apparently enraged the woman who then stormed out of the school compound and subsequently drove off in a reckless manner.

The car which was involved in the accident
The car which was involved in the accident

Witnesses further claimed that the woman was heading West along the Avenue and when in the vicinity of the Scouts Association Building; where scores of children were camping out; she hit the two boys pinning Joseph in a nearby drain for almost five minutes.   The lad was immediately rescued by persons in the area and he along with Matthews, was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where they were admitted for treatment.

Joseph is said to be in a critical condition having sustained serious head injuries.




  1. This law I think should b changed, what has this law done to make the quality of life better or worse? It’s a hot country people should be allowed to dress in armless n shorts and enter public buildings. Please revisit this outdated law.


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