Dr. Van West-Charles appointed CEO; Nigel Hinds to head new GWI Board



[www.inewsguyana.com] – A new Chairman and a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has been appointed for the Guyana Water Inc. (GWI).

The new GWI Board of Directors consists of the following appointees:

Nigel Hinds – Chairperson

Charles Ceres – Member

Emil McGarrell – Member

David Dewar – Member

Christina Bissessar – Member

Savitri Singh Sharma – Member

Ryan Belgrave – Member

Patricia Chase-Green  – Member

Samantha Fedee – Member

unnamedNewly appointed Chairman Nigel Hinds possesses vast experience in Guyana’s Financial Sector as the founder and Chief Executive of Nigel Hinds Financial Services.

Dr. Richard Van West-Charles a former Minister within the Health, Housing, Water and Environment Sectors, has been appointed Chief Executive from October 1, 2015.

Dr. Van West-Charles has a plethora of experience in the area of public health including being responsible for Research and Bioethics.

He is the former Academic Dean of St. Helen University Medical School and Health Sciences, St. Lucia, Special Advisor Partnerships with the International Financial Institutions at the World Health Organization (WHO), Area Manager for Information and Knowledge Management, PAHO/WHO as well as PAHO/WHO Representative for Jamaica; Cayman Islands and Bermuda among other distinguished appointments.

The newly appointed Chief Executive is a Doctor of Medicine with a Master of Public Health from the University of Michigan and a Certificate in Health Economics from University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Dr. Van West-Charles also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from McMaster University, Ontario Canada with other qualifications in Leadership and Social Development.

Addressing the GWI Corporate Management Team on Friday October 2, the Chief Executive stated that access to safe, potable water is a priority on his list of areas for attention. ‘Without a healthy society we cannot achieve the Guyana we are hoping to build,’ stated the CE, ‘paramount to maintaining good public health is access to safe water. Hence, this area along with water quality and GWI’s financial viability are key issues I will be addressing immediately’.

The Corporate Management Team of GWI congratulated the newly appointed Chief Executive and expressed their commitment towards providing improved services through GWI.



  1. Once again this elite Black phantom is taking over. Fellow Guyanese is this the changes you voted for.

  2. The small, black elite continues to fleece the country. When Van West was minister of health under the Burnham dictatorship, health care was abysmal This man should not hold any position in public office.

    Patricia Chase Green is also a member of the City Council. Kith and kin filling their pockets, holding down multiple high paying jobs.


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