Doctors remove 600 nails from man’s stomach in India


(NEW YORK POST) A schizophrenic man with a penchant for eating sharp objects almost had his last meal.

Surgeons in India removed over 600 iron nails from Pradip Kumar Dhali’s stomach this week after a CT scan revealed the mass of metal in the 48-year-old’s abdomen.

A CT scan of Pradip Kumar Dhali’s stomach shows the mass of nails.

He first complained of acute pain to his family two months ago, prompting them to bring him in for medical imaging.

Luckily for Dhali, who was admitted to Calcutta Medical College and Hospital Friday, none of the nails he swallowed pierced his stomach.

“We partially cut his stomach and used a magnet to bring out the nails one by one. There were more than 600 nails inside,” Dr. Siddhartha Biswas told Caters News.

While Dhali’s family knew about his habit of eating inanimate objects, they never imagined he was capable of eating so many nails.

“The family was asked by Pradip’s psychiatrist to not disturb him so they did not bother much what he was binging on,” Biswas said.


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