Divya Jyoti Association lights up Liberty Avenue to mark Diwali celebrations


The Divya Jyoti Association launched its “Let’s Light Up Liberty Avenue” event this last weekend in Liberty Avenue, Queens, New York.

In keeping with the COVID-19 restrictions, a small lighting ceremony was conducted on 133rd St. and Liberty Avenue which included about 40 invited guests and the media.

“Due to COVID-19, our annual Diwali Motorcade event had to be cancelled, and in its place, we staged for the very first time a “Let’s Light Up Liberty Avenue.”

“With the help of the media, the Divya Jyoti Association was able to virtually bring this lighting ceremony to you for your enjoyment within the safety of your own homes,” the organization said.

The organization said it coordinated with the Queens Economic Development Corp and the New York Christmas Light Corp to install string LED lights at various points on Liberty Avenue. This includes a “Happy Diwali” sign on Liberty Avenue and 133rd St. and additional festive string lights on 127th St., 124th St. and Lefferts Blvd.

Historically, Diwali Motorcade attracts thousands of Indo Caribbean nationals to Richmond Hill. The organization said the street lights on Liberty Avenue would bring about a sense of normalcy and show that the Indian/Hindu culture is still “bright and alive in these challenging times”.

(Photos by Vanita Jagnarain)