Division emerges in PPP ranks over Parliamentary non – attendance

Clinton Urling, Dr Vindya Persaud, Irfaan Ali and Clement Rohee.

By Fareeza Haniff

Clinton Urling, Dr Vindya Persaud, Irfaan Ali and Clement Rohee.
Clinton Urling, Dr Vindya Persaud, Irfaan Ali and Clement Rohee.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A rift has materialized within the executive of Guyana’s Opposition – the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) – over its decision not to attend the first sitting of the 11th Parliament, which convenes today, Wednesday, June 10.

While some Party members are adamant that the PPP/C should represent its 202,694 voters in Parliament and take up its 32 seats, the leadership has decided against it on the grounds that the elections were allegedly rigged and that the APNU+AFC is a “de facto” government.

The first PPP member to officially speak out against the Party’s decision is Dr Vindya Persaud, who confirmed with iNews that an email she sent to the executive committee of the PPP and published in the Stabroek News, clearly states her position.

“It is an email that I sent internally to the Party and those are my views,” Dr Persaud said.

In the email, Dr Persaud wrote that she is against the planned protest today by the Party, pointing out that similar activities have gained minimal support from the public and its support base throughout the country.

According to the email, “I would suggest this was due to the party’s failure to present to the public concrete evidence or convincing information in support of its claim that there was significant rigging that could have changed the results.

“I think the points of recount and lack of transparency have all been made by now. The protest actions have not yielded the desired results. In addition, positive responses from the international community and rights groups have not at all been forthcoming. To continue in this vein, emphasizes the fact that we have no influence in these quarters. Instead, we are perceived as disgruntled. This is demoralizing to our 200,000 + support base! I feel that the proposed exercise will harm us in more ways than it could possibly help.”

The PPP member further urged the Party to attend Parliament and represent its support base.

“I strongly urge, as I did previously at our meeting, that we go to Parliament and represent our support base as a formidable opposition. We need to demonstrate a positive and united approach as a party and represent Guyanese at the highest level holding the de facto Government accountable for their actions. Their many actions taken since their ascendancy require our scrutiny, objection and rejection. In the height of rigged elections, Dr. Jagan went to Parliament as Opposition- he understood that the party’s voice needed to be heard and recorded at that level.”

Meanwhile, endorsing the views of Dr Persaud is Clinton Urling, who was on the PPP/C’s list of Candidates for the May 11 elections. He told iNews during a telephone interview on June 10 that he is not in agreement with the PPP’s decision to stay away from Parliament.

“I think the PPP should go to Parliament,” Urling said. He made it clear that while he was a Candidate, he is now no longer part of the discussions or actively involved in the decision making process of the PPP/C.

According to Urling, ever since he publicly criticized former President, Bharrat Jagdeo’s “de facto” leadership of the Party, the PPP/C has not made any contact with him to attend meetings.

“I am not involved in any discussions with the PPP and I don’t intend to be; like I said in that letter, once the former President [Jagdeo] has such an active role in the decision making apparatus of the Party. But as an outside observer now, it makes complete sense that they attend the Parliament,” Urling told iNews.

He believes that since his commentary on Jagdeo, the Party has excluded him from any meetings. He reiterated that there is a majority of Party and executive members who are displeased with the direction of the PPP.

But former Minister of Housing and Water and PPP member, Irfaan Ali has a different view on the situation. He is in agreement with the Party’s decision to boycott the Parliament, stating “I am in agreement with the collective decision.”

Ali told iNews that the priority issues for the PPP is a recount of votes and the resignation of Dr Steve Surujbally as Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission.

Meanwhile, the rift became obvious within the Party when a few days after the elections, former government Ministers under the PPP, namely Robert Persaud, Nanda Gopaul and Carolyn Rodrigues – Birkett reportedly took a different position on the PPP’s posture towards the APNU+AFC government.

The PPP/C has not yet named its parliamentarians and it is unclear as to whether they will attend any sittings in the National Assembly in the future. General Secretary, Clement Rohee will only say that consultations are ongoing as it relates to the issue.


  1. How pathetic all of the communist style of leadership & ideologies have manifested for the past 23 years and continues to rule in the party, so big bright men with a conscience and i guess some with an understanding of right from wrong have to b manipulated in the name of a”collective agreement” no wonder why they used to drink so much RUM and then knock people down as so called “MINISTERS OF GOVERNMENT” they r trying to drink their troubles away cause their consciences are sneered & it bothers them. Its sad to see intelligent people have to b subjected to manipulation and fear by Jagdeo, Ramotar and El arrogante CLEMENT JAMES ROHEE. Cheers to Vidya and damn to Ashni, and de man that say JESUS does vote for PPP “Bishop Juan Edghil”. Come to Parliament their is a valid contribution for the party to make and represent your constituents.Leave El arrogante behind which is almost impossible he still wants to become a president in Beautiful Guyana, he has a dream member he’s a general Secretary too hahahahahahaha. nevr never never as the sun riseth in the East God of heaven would never let such MORASS take place in the earth .AMEN!

  2. well said madam, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall eat free-dumb house watching them all burning up with disbelief at watching a professional, statesman like opening of the 11th parliament….priceless

  3. What witch hunting? If your right hand offends you, chop it off!!! Those persons to whom you may be referring as being victims of witch hunting have hurt this country bad; if you are brave enough to admit, your view of things may change. Otherwise, you will still be left with your head in the hole and all other parts exposed. Good target for witch something else.

  4. why not a recount and settle things once and for all? If the PPP has more votes they win it doesn’t matter how badly the minority prefer the coalition. it’s simple as that.

  5. The PPP need to join up with Russia and Putin – this way they may get some international help and support on the alleged election rigging and recount issue. They are right to boycott parliament and those that disagree don’t give them a spot in parliament when the PPP take up position again. PPP need UNITY and fight on. Get rid of coalition building and only the one party majority win election.

  6. Well said. Even if the election was rigged as they pppc claimed, of which i dnt believe, the new government is there to stay for no court would grant a recount at this time. So get with it and represent your supporters in Parliament for that’s the most power you are, pppc, going to get for the next five years. Actually, those who are not jailed. For that I’m waiting to see.

  7. ms. Persaud here opinion should be respected and she should go join joey Jagan and start there own party. and get a life!

  8. I have it on good authority that the longer the PPP takes to effect genuine personnel changes at leadership level, it is risking creation of a breakaway faction, similar to when Burnham led a breakaway faction that resulted in the birth of the PNC.

  9. Ramesh you are in a pitiful state of mind, the kind that is enslaved to no common sense at all. As a support of the PPPC I have not yet seen the leadership provide any form of evidence to substantiate their claim for a rigged elections. What I know is that the grand-standing and foolish behaviour should stop now and comprehensive actions taken for them to seat their selves in parliament and make progressive and sound contributions for all of Guyana. I am a fed up supporter of non-sense and so are many others.

  10. Bibi, you need to understand that the PPP is the largest and oldest political party in the country and has been in the battle for democracy and freedom from its birth. They have fought bravely all through the years against all the odds internally as well as externally. The PPP has never lost a free and fair election including the last one which was engineered to get the APNU/AFC in power as they could dance to BIG BROTHER tune. You suggested that ”The PPP/C needs a new breed of progressive, inclusive and civic minded individuals not dictators, thieves and racist suppressors…” The latter part of that clearly demonstrates your inherent racism and bigotry.
    The party is above any particular individual who may have a difference of opinion as detailed by Mr Irfaan. The adherence to collective decision is the bedrock of any organisation. As for Clinton Urling, he is like a painted ship in a painted ocean with no sense of political direction.
    The current witch hunting going on on a mass scale is reminiscent of the Burnham era and is an indication that Burnhamism is in control.
    There is m,ore to come.

  11. Yeh Padna..after Granny threw the High Court writ over her shoulders…the final decision of GECOM takes precedence over any authority in this land…wake up Granger done swear in and you could beg for recounts until the cows come home…Nothing is going to prevent the Collation government from ruling this land..for at least another five years…and you know they ain’t stupid like Dumbnal to call snap elections.

  12. If the PPP/C chooses not to represent and serve its constituents it would not affect services to the PPP/C voters, as noted any sitting current administration/government is a representative of all the people. The people are being represented by the current government.

    The PPP/c should be held in contempt of service to their constituents and steps should be made by the people to render its members and the party as null and void, and contempt of service/whatever is required to do under the law. These dictators need to leave as they are counterproductive to the development of the nation. The PPP/C needs a new breed of progressive, inclusive and civic minded individuals not dictators, thieves and racist suppressors, which are currently their members. Anyone who speaks out against their agenda are isolated.

    Guyana is on an upward bound with the president and prime minister at the helm and the nation re-energized and nothing should stop this positive force for progress and prosperity of the people and the country.

  13. Division emerges in PPP ranks over Parliamentary non – attendance..

    “de facto” or not …the ppp has to take a vote now for real leadership of that party..
    check out some of the persauds & others in ppp they might be true pppites.. afc wolf in ppp clothing.
    why i say this??? KN boss man used to get way too much inside info on ppp..and who best to get it from;;;;Insiders of course..like i sad so many times ppp was infiltrated by pnc & afc..they infiltrate police army government institution..they are not there to serve in the interest on the people..bet your life on it no recoundtand no recount will be ruled in either ny the court ..

  14. At last! Voices of reason from the young and pragmatic and infuential members of a great party.For a decision as vital as this one , you need an emergency congress or a referendum of members to decide whether to keep the Cabal in power and allow Cheddis dream to be destroyed or to put them out to pasture (they will want for nothing, except power) and let the younger guns use their intellect and very powerful voter base to give the coallition government, no quarter in Parliament.Go for it people!!


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