Digicel donates shoes to over 100 students of Hobodeia Primary School



The students of the Hobodeia Primary School.
The students of the Hobodeia Primary School.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Digicel responded to an appeal to sponsor more than one hundred hinterland students with shoes so they could get to school safely. This appeal was made by Headmistress of the school Ms. Vieda Wills, when she took office in May 2013 and saw that all the students would go to school bear feet.

Sponsorship Manager, Gavin Hope related that “this is something that these students appreciate so much, you see the appreciation on their faces, Digicel is committed to fostering development and education is one of the areas that are high on our agenda”.

Providing the students with a pair of shoes each is one of the basic needs of the students that Digicel met, Ms. Wills, adding that “this is something that will help our students get to school capably and the hygienic purposes of this act cannot be emphasised enough, many of the students get to school by using the river and by walking on the banks so they would come to school with cuts, bites and abrasions on their feet”.

Apart from the donation of shoes Digicel also donated a quantity of books to the school’s library and to serve as teaching tools. Marget Jardine, a senior Village counsel was there on behalf of the Village Captain to oversee the donation and thanked Digicel for visiting the village.

Hobodeia is a riverain village that can be found along the Moruca River, approximately forty five minutes from Mabaruma by boat.




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