Devonshire Castle pensioner dies in accident

Dead: Royston Peterson
A pensioner from the Essequibo Coast tragically lost his life on Friday night on the Danielstown public road after the car he was driving turned turtle into a nearby trench.
Dead: Royston Peterson
Dead is 70-year-old Royston Peterson of lot 12 Devonshire Castle Essequibo Coast. According to information received, Peterson was accompanied by a close friend when the incident occurred around 22:00hrs.
He was proceeding west along the southern driveway of the road, negotiating a southern turn when his motorcar, PVV 6996, toppled into a trench.
This publication understands that Peterson was pinned inside the vehicle, with his seat belt strapped around him, while being submerged under water.
He was subsequently rescued by residents, but unfortunately died whilst receiving treatment at the Suddie Public Hospital in Region Two.
Police indicated that both the deceased and the friend were reportedly highly intoxicated.
Peterson’s death came as shock to his family, most of whom reside abroad.
Peterson’s four kids and seven grandchildren, all reside in the Caribbean islands and the United  States of America respectively.
His sister Verne Peterson told this publication that she was visiting Guyana on a holiday and was shocked to find out about her brother’s death.
The saddened sister said that she had only spoken to her brother a few hours before his accident.
Peterson’s body is currently at the Suddie funeral parlour awaiting a post mortem examination. (Indrawattie Natram)


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