Dethroned Miss India Guyana refutes allegations


By Ramona Luthi

Dethroned: Brittany Singh

In light of the recent incident, where Brittany Singh the winner of Miss India-Guyana 2016 was dethroned  by the pageant organizers over alleged misconduct, the former title owner has responded refuting all allegations made by the organizers against here.

“I vehemently deny all and every allegation,” Singh said in a statement dated January 18, 2017 where she asserted that after she attained the positions as Miss India Guyana 2016 and Miss India Worldwide Photogenic 2016, relationship differences were formed with the organizers.

“The said differences widened over a period of 4 months, to the extent where the local representative leveled unfounded, unmerited and heinously false accusations of: improper conduct, alleging that I solicited funds from sponsors, friends and associates of the organization, and further that, I had improper relationships with close friends of the said organization,” she explained.

Singh also noted that her Attorney-at-Law, Bernard DaSilva has been instructed to “do all things necessary to appropriately deal with the falsities.”

The Former Miss India Guyana also asserted that due to the conflicts with the organizers, she voluntarily resigned via a letter dated November 16, 2016. However, this resignation she claimed was rejected.

“…and instead of invoking the arbitration clause 6.12 of the governing contract; the representative choose to use the law firm of Fraser, Housty & Yearwood to send me a letter dated 22nd November, 2016, in which they attempted to terminate my contract with immediate effect,” her statement contended while describing the attempt as “preposterous.”

Additionally, Singh noted that her termination as Miss India Guyana 2016 was done without due process highlighting that the “real reason” for the “Exclusive judgment” of the organisation is foreign to her.

In her statement she categorically denied that:
“I was ever warned about any presumed misconduct.
That, I was ever disrespectful to anyone in, or out of the organization.
That, I failed to comply with directions and guidance provided by the organization.
That, I solicited any funds from anyone or at all.
That, save for a small hidden tattoo, there is no physical change in my body or facial features.
That, I made unwelcomed and inappropriate personal communication and advances to persons in or out of the organization as alleged in the said letter.
That, I have brought in any way whether by words or conduct, the Miss India Guyana Organization into disrepute.”

Moreover, the Former title owner said that she is willing to to return the crown and all relevant items, contractually deserving of the organization.

“I will be in a position to so do on Thursday in the office of my Attorney at Law Mr. Bernard Da Silva, located at lot 217 South road Lacytown Georgetown” she quipped.

Inews previously reported that Brittany Singh had been stripped of her titles as Miss India Guyana 2016, Miss India Worldwide Top 10 and Miss World Wide Photogenic, according to a post by the Miss India Guyana Organization  on their Facebook page.

A picture of the termination of Singh’s contract was posted on the Facebook page of the Miss India Guyana Franchise Holder, Uma Bux.

The document stated: 

“The Miss India Guyana Organization will like the public to be informed Ms Brittany Singh is no longer Miss India Guyana 2016 and is in no way associated with the organization and its affiliates. She is not authorized to use, display and/or identify herself under the Miss India brand (Miss India Guyana 2016, Miss India Worldwide top 10, Miss Worldwide Photogenic).

She has been dethroned from the above-mentioned titles on the 16th day of November 2016 at 16:20hrs. This came after she received three (3) official warnings, both verbal and written from the organization on misconduct demeanors, as stipulated in the contract she signed on the 7th day of September 2016.

– First warning was given on the 6th day of October 2016 in New Jersey USA.

– Second warning was given on the14th day of October 2016 in Georgetown, Guyana.

– Third and final warning was given on the 16th day of November 2016 in Georgetown, Guyana.

Via legal notice, this resulted in the termination of the legally bonded contract signed by Ms Singh and dethroning of titles, privileges and/or responsibilities bestowed upon her, both locally and internationally by the Miss India Guyana Organization and the Miss India Worldwide Pageants produced by IFC.

This termination is based on the breach of the code of conduct established pursuant to clause 4.8 of the Contract, as well as violation of clause 6.7.2 of the Contract. It is the exclusive judgment of Miss India Guyana Organization that in recent months she has not conducted herself in accordance with the standards and dignity expected by the prestigious title and standards as agreed to by her, under the Contract”.

Bux in her personal post said that “I will not divulge into particulars of her misconducts that sanctioned warnings and the final, resulting in a dethronement on November 16th 2016 at 16:20hrs, for the organization has decided upon such, to uphold a level of professionalism which we strongly believe in.”

The Franchise holder went on to describe the situation as “utterly sad” and regrettable but expressed best wishes to Singh in her future endeavors.



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