Deputy Mayor appalled at Sooba’s legal fees




By Tracey Khan – Drakes


Public Relations Officer, Royston King and Deputy Mayor, Patricia Chase - Green. [iNews' Photo]
Public Relations Officer, Royston King and Deputy Mayor, Patricia Chase – Green. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Green says the Mayor & Council of Georgetown is shocked over the large sums of monies that Town Clerk (ag) Carol Sooba has been paying in legal fees for cases they consider ‘vindictive’ and ‘unimportant’ to the development of the Capital city.

The Deputy Mayor explained that after losing a case in Court for which the Council was forced to pay $500,000, Sooba has requested an additional $1M from the City Council’s Treasurey Department to pay for her legal fees to challenge the ruling of the Chief Justice (ag) Ian Chang after he instructed her to reissue fuel to the Mayor’s vehicle.

Chase-Green reminded that after Sooba stopped issuing fuel to the Mayor’s vehicle, she was taken to Court where the Chief Justice ruled in favour of Mayor Hamilton Green.

“That order was sent to the office of the Town Clerk and on the 27th of October the Town Clerk Miss Carol Sooba said to the council that she is appealing the matter and asked for a stay of execution. The council voted unanimously, a motion was put to the floor that the council accepts the Chief Justice’s ruling and that there should be no further action on that matter and therefore we advised Miss Sooba that if anything she should withdraw her thoughts on going to the Court because the council will not be responsible for any money spent on any legal fees again,” the Deputy Mayor noted.

Carol Sooba. [iNews' Photo]
Carol Sooba. [iNews’ Photo]
After she requested this sum, a motion was moved against the City Treasurer stating he should not pay any money to the Town Clerk or he will be surcharged.

“On the 28th October, Miss Sooba still submits vouchers to the tune of $1M for the payment of the Attorney for the appeal and the stay of execution, I am saying that under my watch they Mayor and City of Georgetown will not pay this money because we have ruled that we will go to further with this matter and therefore the council put an end to it on the 27th October,” Chase Green added.

She is insisting that any money that is paid to Sooba’s Attorney will have to be paid by her or the treasurer personally.

She added that “it is unfortunate that she continues to deliberately stall the work of the Council.”




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