Demerara Bank to install ATMs at new, strategic locations

Demerara Bank Limited Head Office on Camp Street, Georgetown

In this age of technology advancement and innovation, Demerara Bank is leading the way in transforming the banking landscape of Guyana, with a strong emphasis on customer convenience and satisfaction.

As part of its transformation and commitment to improve customer experience, the bank has formed a strategic partnership with the globally renowned Salesforce, a leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and cloud computing solutions.

Sharing this exciting news was Chairman of the Board, Komal Samaroo emphasised the critical role that this partnership plays, stating “this investment will reduce downtime and allow for faster transaction processing while ensuring security and reliability of our services”.

Customers are expected to experience these benefits in the new year, where they will have the convenience of submitting their application for new accounts, loans or credit cards online and easily track the status of their applications.

He further pointed out that embracing technology allowed for more accessibility and convenience. The online platform is geared towards becoming the trending accepted method of payment as more customers prefer digital channels for banking transactions and this adaptation ensures that the bank remains relevant and aligns with the evolving needs of its customer base.

Remaining committed to providing excellent customer service, the bank will be expanding its ATM fleet in the new year to include additional machines at high-traffic and new locations.

These machines designed with customers in mind, feature user-friendly interfaces coupled with improved functionality and security such as cash recycling and simple & secure deposits will provide a hassle-free and safe banking experience.

This expansion of ATMs will allow customers to have greater convenience and accessibility to banking services.

In alignment with the Chairman’s vision, the bank’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Pravinchandra Dave reiterated that the bank remains dedicated to achieving excellence in every aspect of its operations and is fully dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition for customers throughout this journey.

He further added that the bank is set to unveil a range of new interfaces including mobile banking and the user-friendly portals will provide unmatched comfort for customers.