“Defend West Indies Cricket”- Former Governance Committee Chairman


[www.inewsguyana.com]The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) is being called upon to strongly resist moves by England, India and Australia to complete what some officials have labeled a ‘hostile takeover’ of the sport.

Former chairman of the WICB’s Governance Committee, Charles Wilkin has made an appeal to the WICB and regional governments in response to a white paper containing proposed changes to revamp the ICC structure.

The paper will come before members as early as at the quarterly meeting in Dubai set for next Tuesday and Wednesday.

The ICC working paper is proposing that test cricket be played under a two-tier system in which England, India and Australia will not be demoted, while teams like West Indies and New Zealand would find themselves in the second tier.

Wilkin describes this as “startling” news that the ICC is planning to give up most executive decisions to the so-called big three. The WICB Directors called an emergency meeting on Monday via teleconference, with discussion continuing today.

Wilkin also called on individual members of the WICB to speak out against the draft proposals.




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