Decomposed body of fisherman found hanging from tree at Parika

The body being removed from the scene

The partially-decomposed body of a 46-year-old fisherman was found hanging from a tree in front of an abandoned lot on Thursday afternoon.

The body being removed from the scene

The body of Selwin Pratt was discovered in front of Lot 183 Parika Trainline, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) near his brother’s property.

Eyewitnesses reportedly discovered the body in a kneeling position, indicating that foul play could have been involved.

The dead man’s brother stated that a strange smell was detected when walking on a nearby dam, but this did not cause any suspicion, since it could have been the carcasses of fish.

However, when he was returning with some animals, his sibling’s body was discovered.

“We smelling a scent when walking on the dam…Until I go to look after the cow, then I see my brother,” said the brother.

The man said he was told that his brother went to the East Coast of Demerara and as such, he did not worry about his whereabouts. The man says he sees no reason as to why Pratt would harm himself.

“They said he gone on the East Coast and I thinking that he gone there to work the fishing boat,” he explained.

Inews understands that the fisherman was a father of one and had no definite place of residence since he would reside with relatives. The Police are awaiting the result of the post-mortem to determine their next move as they continue to question persons in the area.


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