Decomposed body found at Hague home


A teenager received the shock of his life when he decided to visit his friend’s residence early Tuesday morning after not hearing from him for a while, only to discover the man’s decomposed remains inside the bottom flat of the two-storeyed house.

Dead is 54-year-old Eric Ghansham called “Cook Soup” who is said to have been the only occupant of the home.

When contacted, Police Commander of Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara), Assistant Police Commissioner, Simon McBean, said that the 19-year-old lad made the gruesome discovery at about 07:30h on Tuesday after he began to worry about not hearing from his friend for a lengthy period.

Commander McBean explained that the youth told investigators that he had not received any form of communication from the now dead man for over a week and as such, the teen decided to visit.

“He said he went over there to check in on him this morning (Tuesday) to make sure everything was alright. But when he got to the man’s home and went inside of the yard, it was at the lower flat of the 2 storeyed-home that he found Ghansham’s remains. There were no visible marks of violence when the police arrived but bear in mind that the man’s body was already in a decomposed state,” the commander said.

He added that Police ranks did not notice anything amiss at the deceased’s residence as there were no signs to suggest that the man was engaged in a struggle.