Police probing video of minibus driver, conductor operating recklessly


The Guyana Police Force (GPF) is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying a minibus driver and conductor who was caught on video endangering the lives of their passengers.

On Tuesday, a video posted on social media viral, showing a minibus conductor opening the door of a moving vehicle, dancing while placing his body outside, gripping only the outer part of the doorway.

In the process of this unflattering behavior, passengers were seen cheering him on.

Meanwhile, the driver of the bus was later seen opening the door of his driver’s seat, dancing and putting both his legs outside of the moving vehicle in the process of holding on to the staring wheel.

Traffic Chief Linden Isles stated that the names of the driver, bus conductor, and a number of the bus are yet to be identified. However, he is calling on the public to help with the identification of these men so that they can face strict penalties.

“From the video, you see two persons but I don’t have that information to say which is the bus, I don’t have such information. I think if persons know which route the bus normally operates, they can identify the identification mark of the bus. They can inform us so that we can take some action. But presently we don’t have the route of the bus or the driver of the bus,” he said.