Declare all Gold Production in a timely manner – Gold Board warns


Gold_bullion[] – The Guyana Gold Board wishes to bring to the attention of gold producers and other holders of gold specifically, raw or unrefined gold, amalgam, slimes and scrapings containing gold and/or smelted gold that the gold market is currently at an all-time high since the beginning of September 2014.

A statement from the Gold Board noted that while 2015 began with the price of gold quoted by the London Fix at US$1,184.25, the market prices initially fluctuated within US$1,200 to US$1,220 band before showing increased volatility and pushing past that band upwards.

“It should be noted that for the year so far gold price has appreciated by 7.9 percent with 4.5 percent of that growth occurring over the week ended January 17, 2015,” the statement noted.

The Guyana Gold Board encourages producers and other holders of gold to sell and declare the gold in their possession. To encourage increased declaration, the Government of Guyana has approved for there to be duty free waivers for the importation of various required vehicles for gold producers. That waiver is depended on the declaration of gold by producers.

The GGB wishes to remind producers and traders of their legal obligation to declare their production and transactions in accordance with the Guyana Gold Board Act.



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