Dead Kuru Kururu Teen: Alleged killer flees to city; couple had plans to marry in August


By Kurt Campbell  

Mother of the deceased
Mother of the deceased Shiveon Cozier

[] –  The mother of 15 – year – old Ravina Cozier who was found floating in a trench early Tuesday morning ( January 14) have confirmed reports that the alleged killer, the girl’s lover 28 – year – old Leo Rodigues have fled to the city.

Shiveon Cozier told iNews that a Taxi Driver (who the accused uses often) said he dropped him off in Diamond, East Bank Demerara just before midnight on Monday (January 13).

The older Cozier said the discovery has left her in shock and she does not know of any reason why Rodriquez, who is said to be a Miner, would murder her daughter.

The body of the teen was discovered by her parents floating in a trench in Kuru Kururu along the Linden Soesdyke Highway, not too far away from where she lived. Police say there were stab wounds about the teen’s body.

The mother said the two were in a relationship for the last two years and the man would usually come and spend time at their home with her daughter whenever he comes out of the interior.

Cozier in recalling the events said her daughter and the accused left to go to the shop last evening. She explained to iNews that several hours passed and calls to their phones went unanswered.

She told iNews that about 21:00hrs she decided to take a walk out the street but did not see the couple and returned home where she proceeded to look at television before falling asleep.

The couple in happier times
The couple in happier times

The grieving mother further explained that she woke up at about 02:00hrs and the two still did not come home; several other checks were made between that time and 06:00hrs but the situation remained the same.

The mother said by intuition she went into the bushes to look for her daughter at about 06:30hrs when she first noticed her slippers and her clothing which was seen mere feet away along with a bloodied knife. After much clamoring the teen was finally found floating in a nearby trench.

The distraught mother said a wedding was planned for the two in August.



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