“Dangerous and very unfortunate” – Ramotar shuns additional funds for CJIA expansion

A replica of CJIA’s new terminal

By Jomo Paul

Former President, Donald Ramotar
Former President, Donald Ramotar

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former President Donald Ramotar is not at all pleased with the recent announcement that the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) expansion project will need millions more in resources before any results are yielded.

State Minister Joseph Harmon had told reporters in June that the US$150M allocated for the CJIA expansion project was not enough – indicating that the project would need another US$65M to be completed.

It was explained that there is need for a vehiclepark at US$2.7 million; terminal building for US$16 million; navigational aids required to change and upgrade at US$1.3 million; the existing Generator Building and Pump House to cost US$60,000; the perimeter fence and security lights at US$565,000; an additional US$250,000 to complete the relocation of the GDF electrical and mechanical engineering department.

The relocating of the airport operators and the other facilities cost US$510,000, among other expenditure, which adds up to the additional US$65 million to complete the project.

A replica of CJIA’s new terminal
A replica of CJIA’s new terminal

However, the Former President at a press conference on Wednesday stated that the contractors were supposed to complete the project with the US$150M.

“This is a dangerous and very unfortunate development,” Ramotar told a news conference.

He explained that the contractors had approached him with the very proposal but it was rejected given that the project is a design and build endeavour with a“fixed contract.”

“The contractors had come to me…. with the same proposal to try to get me to spend more money….we refused to concede to their position and said that they had to bring in the project,” he stated.




  1. Mr. Ramotar, if all these projects were laid before the parliament and discussed, we would have had prior knowledge of all the costings. Was there any reason for the secrecy?
    The government had the majority to pass these projects through the parliament. Now, how do we know if there were prior lies and now even BIGGER liars?
    We remember the criticisms of the costings of the sugar packaging plant, the Amaila Falls Project, the Hope Canal, the Surendra Pumps, the Laptop Project, the Specialty Hospital, the Berbice Bridge, the Marriott Hotel.
    Now, who could ASSURE this natiion about the real costings of the airport project?

  2. They will try to thief as much as they can before their term is up in five years,it was a project that Ramjattan had said when in opposition was too expensive ,now it is in need of more than 50 million,well this backward illegal government is showing their in ability to govern,they have no clue where to start from so blame the PPP for all the promises they cant full fill.

  3. The PNC said that the project was over budget when their was the opposition party, now it’s under Budget how ironic don’t you think?

  4. Is this the same APNU that condemned this project and siad it was too costly when the PPP was in power?

  5. This govt is find every means possible to spend spend spend. I hope Goolsaran and Christopher Ram and their clique are watching and waiting for the audits.


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