Cycling Season to restart on Saturday


[] – Cycling action will return to the National Park next Saturday with the annual Ricks and Sari Agro Industries limited 11-race cycle programme.

The 21st edition of the program will begin at 09:00 as cyclists try to de- rust themselves and get back into competitive spirit.

Among the events on the cards are the 12 to 14 years open, BMX boys open, 12 to 14 years, and 9 to 12 years which will all go over three laps.

The veterans U-50 years, O-50 years and uprights will have a five lap distance to travel while the BMX boys 6 to 9 years will go two laps and the girls 6 to 12 years, one lap.

The feature event will be the Juveniles and Schoolboys & Invitational  meet expected to see the defending champion Raynauth Jeffrey, with a time one hour 16 minutes 56 seconds, looking to defend his title.

Raul Leal was Juveniles 10-lap event with a time of 25 minutes 12.34 seconds and is expected to make his return to cycling as well following a broken leg.




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