Current political climate bad for Business, Christmas

President Donald Ramotar and Opposition Leader, David Granger
President Donald Ramotar and Opposition Leader, David Granger
President Donald Ramotar and Opposition Leader, David Granger

[] – Almost 3000 persons, responding to an iNews poll, have registered their concern with the current political climate and the adverse effects it could have on businesses, especially during the Christmas season.

iNews readers were asked over the past week: “Would the current political climate affect business and other traditional features of a Guyanese Christmas?”; garnering a total of 3,725 responses.

The majority of participants said yes; representing 78% (2,888) of votes received while 22% (814) of participants said no. A mere one percent (23) of participants was undecided.

Gridlock and uncompromising are the words used popularly to describe the current political climate in Guyana which has been this way since the November 2011 General Elections that saw the parliamentary Opposition, for the first time in Guyana’s history, securing a majority in the National Assembly.

After three years of political struggle in and out of the House, President Donald Ramotar moved to prorogue the Parliament ahead of a debate on a No – Confidence Motion brought against his administration.

Following this move, the Private Sector Commission (PSC) said it was both concerned and disappointed; citing a continued absence of political compromise between the Government and the Opposition.

The PSC says the development has presented Guyana with an abnormal situation that is certainly not conducive to a stable business environment or encouraging to business investment.

Prior to this, President Ramotar met with executives of the Private Sector Commission on November 6 to discuss several critical issues affecting the local business community.

Head of the PSC, Ramesh Persaud in a brief comment said that the close to two-hour meeting saw intense discussions on several issues. Persaud said these included “concerns that we have based on recent developments and some other issues surrounding factors affecting our businesses”.

The political Opposition has announced weekly street protest against the President’s move which they deemed undemocratic but assured businesses that there is nothing to fear.



  1. Jai, your logic is good but the term minority Government is that in parliament PPP is minority with the PNC &AFC combined. Seeing that you are intelligent you need to read the Guyana constitution and understand the power of the president. The speaker of the house acknowledged that the constitution is now being challenged and the small man will understand the fine print.
    PAPA Chedi promised to fix the constitution but the power of the President is too good and PPP feel that Guyana is for them to rule.
    Why you think the people who understand the constitution is tight lipped. Get Sridat Ramphal, past speakers and boys to give their views. They are quiet..

    The poor people continue to suffer so sad.

  2. Gray, you’re a very intelligent man. Please define the word dictatorship for your friend of ignorance. Whether the haters of Guyana like it or not we will continue in prosperity and economic growth. We will continue to preach one people, one nation, and one destiny. Even Kwamme can find a place with the Government. PPP is open to any CULTURE,CLASS, CREED, ETC.

  3. jon, I read your piece, and I understand. But a lot of people don’t seems to understand what they read, and for that I feel sorry. I read and understand that the PPP government wants to have consultation, dialogue and to meet with the minority. Please be reminded that the PNC is minority to the PPP, or the PPP got the majority votes compared to the PNC. To all the ignorant I ask, how many votes the PPP got at the 2011 poll? how many votes the PNC got at the said poll? Now tell me which party got the majority votes? If you said the PPP got the majority or more votes than the PNC, then that means you’re intelligent and honest. So tell me again which party is the majority? Also please don’t forget that Parliament was prorogued by the elected President Donald Ramotar. Seats of Parliament! what seat of Parliament? Who is the speaker of the house presently? I stay humble, and teachable.

  4. jon should ask u of the three political party that contested last election who has the majority..u must understand that first.

  5. I hope these protest do not escalate to resemble Ferguson , USA.
    Granger already called a protest in Linden and Guyana suffered billions, even the children’s school was burn’t down.
    When will these ‘so called’ leaders work for the benefit of Guyana?

  6. The PSC help to get Guyana the way it is. They do not rebuke the Government when it is needed. deal with it. 15th day of one party dictatorship rule of Guyana by the PPP/C government


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