Crime Chief wants witnesses in execution of murder suspect to come forward

Crime Chief and Deputy Commissioner of Police, Lyndon Alves

Crime Chief Lyndon Alves is urging persons who witnessed the murder of 45-year-old Collin Hooper, aka “Gun Youth”, to come forward for information that could lead to the arrest of the culpable individuals.

Hooper, who was wanted in relation to the recent killing of a money changer on High Street, Georgetown, was gunned down a short distance from his East La Penitence home on Monday last.

Police have been unable to arrest suspects.

“There are persons of interest that the police are looking for. Their names were touted so the police are looking for some persons of interest to interview them…but also, so far we are not able to get anyone to come forward to say if and what they saw or know about this shooting/murder incident,” the Crime Chief told INews.

He accepted that people are not very willing to come forward to the police with information about crimes in their communities due to fear or victimisation or even being physical harm in some form.

“Persons will not want to put their lives at risk, feeling that if you come forward that it would be disclosed, which is far from the truth. They may be fearful of who they give the information to,” he acknowledged.

However, he is calling on witnesses in Hooper’s murder to step forward.

“If persons have information, they can contact me, the Crime Chief, directly. If they have concerns about their safety and security and the leaking of the information, they can contact me. They can call me on my cellphone which is 608-2278,” the Crime Chief said.