‘Cricket – The Energy of Independence’ – Amazon Warriors hit the streets of Georgetown with over 500 strong participants


Hundreds of revelers decked out in Guyana Amazon Warriors costumes are now at the main starting point where they are being joined by other floats that will brighten and bring a new kind of energy to the streets of Georgetown as part observances for the country’s 50th Independence Anniversary celebrations.

One of the co-coordinators of the Guyana Amazon Warriors float, Trevor Bassoo, told INews this morning that the Franchise’s revelers and float are on the streets not only to excite cricket fans and the public in general about the upcoming Caribbean Premier League (CPLT20) tournament, but also to show the nation what cricket has done for the entire country.

“Our theme for the float is ‘Cricket -The Energy of Independence’, so we are linking cricket with all that it has done for our country over the years since Guyana became independent. On our float we are featuring our legendary cricketers, Rohan Kanhai, Clive Lloyd, Lance Gibbs, the entire team of legendaries, they are featured clearly on both sides of our lead truck. We are also featuring current Guyana Amazon Warriors cricketers who have played from 2013 until now…it’s all about cricket, all about the vibes that cricket has to bring, all about the excitement that comes with it…” Bassoo stated.

He explained that some of the current Amazon Warriors cricketers will be on the float during the course of the day interacting with the public and signing autographs.

According to Bassoo, the Guyana Amazon Warriors float parade based on figures from the registration process has a head count of over 500 participants.

“We are uniformed, decked out in Guyana Amazon Warriors outfit, hand bands, masks, head bands, leg bands. We also have a King and a Queen costume leading the float”, he added.

(INews photographer, Carl Croker, captured the following scenes as the revelers were about to take off for the main route) DSC_2408 DSC_2411 DSC_2416 DSC_2443 DSC_2445 DSC_2283 DSC_2315 DSC_2319 DSC_2321 DSC_2340 DSC_2352 DSC_2297 DSC_2299 DSC_2302 DSC_2326 DSC_2383 DSC_2411






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