Guyanese woman, daughter found murdered in Suriname


A Guyanese woman and her 10-year-old daughter were on Tuesday last found dead in their apartment in Nieuw Amsterdam, a village in District Commewijne, Suriname.

The duo hailed from Sparta Village, Essequibo Coast, Guyana. Dead are 37-year-old Leelawattie Sookhoo and her daughter, Tisha Ahiram. According to reports, the discovery was made on May 24 after Police in Suriname received a report that the woman’s boyfriend who was supposed to be at work did not show up.

The house in which the mother and daughter were found dead
The house in which the mother and daughter were found dead

When the Police arrived at the house to check for the man, they found that the front door of the building was locked with a padlock and thought that something was amiss.

They subsequently broke the padlock and entered only to find the woman lying on the ground with a cord around her neck, while the child was on the bed in a semi nude state.

Surinamese law enforcement officers have launched an investigation into the double homicide.











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