Crescent for Ramadan has been sighted, says CIOG


The Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG) says that the crescent for Ramadan has been sighted; therefore fasting for all Muslims begins on Thursday 17 May, 2018.

Taraweeh prayers will commence this evening Wednesday 16 May 2018.

President of the CIOG, Al-Hajj Shahabudeen Ahmad in extending Ramadan Greetings said during this Ramadan, “let us reflect on the meaning of Al-Ubudiyyah–to become a true slave of Allah (SWT) — for it is only when we align our will in accordance with the will of our Creator that we can achieve fulfillment of purpose and true inner peace.”

“Allah (SWT), our Creator, is the source of all Peace and Happiness. Tobe closer to Allah (SWT), we must gain wisdom and purify ourselves(Quran 62:2). Ramadan aids us with this, for Ramadan is the month in which the Holy Quran was revealed as a guide to mankind, and Ramadan is the month that requires us to fast, which purifies us physically and spiritually.”

According to the  CIOG President, fasting achieves many benefits, including increased self-restraint, improvement of health by eliminating impurities from the body, and increased compassion for the difficulties faced by the sick, hungry, and needy.

But, the ultimate benefit of fasting, he outlined, is the opportunity to distance ourselves from worldly distractions, to purify our inner selves, and to reflect on the teachings of the Holy Quran, so that we can draw closer to Allah (SWT), the source of Peace, Happiness, and Protection.


“Let us resolve to make full use of the opportunity provided by the Holy month of Ramadan to act according to the teachings of the Quran, to cleanse ourselves, and to overcome our nafs.  Let us resolve to feed our souls while we fast our bodies. Let us resolve to act with kindness and compassion to all of Allah’s creation…Let us try our best to make peace with our family members, neighbors and fellow citizens. Let us visit the sick and pray for them. Let us extend our mercy to the orphans in our community. Let us help the widows and elderly people in society. Let us be kind and compassionate to animals. Let us be caring of our environment, the trees and plants that provide us with oxygen and sustenance. These actions will earn us Allah’s forgiveness and mercy; this is what Ramadan stands for” said Al-Hajj Shahabudeen Ahmad.




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