Couple living in fear after neighbour allegedly beats, threatens to kill them



A couple of Rotterdam, East Bank Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) is now living in fear after a neighbour had allegedly attacked them in their home, and is now making threats to further beat the elderly woman and end her life because she had reported the incident to the Police.

According to 72-year-old Deorattie Nekram, as she was on her way to the Police station to report the incident, the man tried to stop her. She said the incident occurred at just before nightfall on Sunday, December 4.

According to her, after she had had a conversation with one of her neighbour’s children, the neighbour came into her house and grabbed her by the throat, choking and slapping her several times. She said that at the time she was approached, she was sitting on a bench, and the neighbour pulled her by her neck out of her seat and tightened his fingers around her throat.

“When he slap me and choke me, I urine up myself,” the woman told this publication as she recounted the ordeal.

Meanwhile, her reputed husband Vernon Cozier was lying in a hammock when the neighbour returned, and he was this time targeted.

“When he slap this lady, I was in the hammock lying down. When he run into the house, I didn’t have nothing in my hand. The guy is a very strapping chap, I couldn’t fight with him. He choking the lady and I hollering for her son; he was at the back in the bathroom bathing. By the time he come, she already got what she got.”

Cozier said the neighbour left the house, but returned shortly after, this time armed with a piece of wood which he had picked up from Nekram’s yard.

“When he come back, I didn’t know that he coming back, and (I) was lying down in the hammock and the wood catch me straight here,” Cozier said as he pointed to a swelling on his jaw that was covered with a band-aid plaster.

“I get so dizzy after, and it was plenty blood, and then her son come and say let us go to the station. When they going out on the road, he block them. I walk away because I fricken. He harass her son and blocking them from going to the station.”

Nekram’s husband revealed that he had to seek medical attention at the New Amsterdam Hospital. The man showed this publication the piece of wood that was used to strike him.

Nekram said that during the confrontation on the road, during which her neighbour tried to prevent her from going to the Police station, he threatened to kill her.

Cozier says that threats were also made to burn the house down.

“Me nah sleeping at this house, because he said he gon kill me,” the frightened Nekram added.

Cozier has expressed concerns that up to Thursday the Police had not visited the scene, even after promising to do so. “They say the patrol would come, so that they could get him, but he does only come in the night. The Police never turn up. I had report it to a normal Police, and the next day I go to the Corporal. (She) take a statement and told them the Police not doing nothing, and she gon get it done. She sent us home and said she would deal with it.”

However, the injured man said, the Police have not visited his home. The house still has the muddy footprints of the intruder, and Nekram has said she had left them and was hoping that the Police would be able to see them as they gather evidence.

The Sisters Police Station is three villages away from where the incident occurred, less than a mile in distance.