Corentyne murder/suicide: Dead woman’s family calling for “justice”

Dead: Subrina Lakhan and Ramesh Ramdeem

The family members of 29-year-old, Subrina Lakhan who was on Monday last hacked to death by her husband, Ramesh Ramdeem at their Corentyne, Berbice home moments before he took his life, are calling for the police officers who escorted the now dead woman to the house for her belongings and reportedly left her there to be charged.

According to Lakhan’s mother, the police were there to provide protection for the woman as she collected her belongings, but the officers reportedly left before the woman was finished packing.

Earlier on Monday, Magistrate Renita Singh sitting at the Albion Magistrate’s Court gave an order that the police escort Lakhan to the house to pick up her clothing. 

The dead woman’s sister, Nalenie Ramjattan, said that while she was not present at the house, based on information reaching them they strongly believe that the Police left without informing her sister.

She noted that the front door and veranda doors were both closed and the only access to the building was through the kitchen door on the lower flat.

When this publication visited the home of the dead woman’s mother, she along with other family members who had gathered, called for justice and for the officers to be held accountable.

However, the sister of 42-year-old Ramdeen, Asha Hidar who was present on the day of the murder/suicide said it was Lakhan who told the Police to leave stating that she was “alright”.

Hidar was also ordered by the same Magistrate to accompany the couple’s teenage daughter to the Chesney house to collect her clothing and to take her to the teen’s grandmother hence her presence there.

When the home of the dead woman’s mother was visited, she along with other family members who had gathered called for justice and for the officers to be held accountable.


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