Cops hold one over brutal murder of Tuschen taxi driver

Roland “Vishal” Jodmie and his wife Tarmattie Kumar and on their wedding day

One male suspect has been apprehended over the murder of the 24-year-old taxi driver who was found slumped in his motor car, on Tuesday evening, with two gunshot wounds aback Tuschen Housing Scheme, East Bank Essequibo.

Roland “Vishal” Jodmie and his wife Tarmattie Kumar and on their wedding day
Rolun Jodmie and his wife, Tarmattie Kumar on their wedding day.

According to a police source, the suspect was taken in for questioning after he was observed by other hire car drivers behaving in a suspicious manner.

INews was told that the suspect was heard making specific inquiries about the taxi driver sometime before the gruesome discovery was made.

The young man, identified as Rolun Jodmie, also known as Vishal, was found shortly after 19:00hrs on Tuesday, by a fellow taxi driver who had just dropped off his passengers at their various destinations at the back of the Scheme.

Investigators are working on the theory that the man was killed during a robbery since several of his belongings were missing, including his wedding band, a chain, his cellphone and his day’s earnings.

Jodmie leaves to mourn his wife, two-year-old son, mother and siblings along with other relatives and friends.

Investigations are ongoing.





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