Cop alleges beating at the hands of colleagues in Joint Services operation


A Police Constable and his family members are now left in a traumatised state after ranks in a Joint Services operation invaded his home and allegedly beat him.

The incident reportedly occurred on Thursday last around 21:20hrs when the Constable, Carloid Austin, 33, along with his wife and 10-year-old daughter, were at home.

Reports indicate that the SWAT Unit with about 15 officers, all armed with weapons and shields, entered the man’s premises and pointed guns at him as Austin opened his door to make enquiries.

However, one rank allegedly used his gun and dealt the Constable blows to his head and subsequently threw him to the ground and continued to beat him.

At this time, other ranks started to ransack the cop’s home, even inspecting the ceiling. Austin’s wife revealed that following this action from the lawmen, she began to enquire what was happening, but was horrified when she was told by one of the ranks, “We come to kill!”

Constable Austin was later allegedly blindfolded with his shirt, handcuffed, dragged to a vehicle and taken to a location known as Milly’s Hideout, where he says he was further beaten, this time with a plastic bag tied over his head.

Following the beating, the rank escorted the man to the Mackenzie Police Station where the handcuffs were removed and he was instructed to find his way home.

However, the Constable reportedly refused as he was barefoot and had no money, so he was subsequently taken a short distance from his home.

On Friday last, the family visited the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) where they lodged a formal complaint as to what transpired.

When contacted, Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum confirmed that he was aware of the operation, but was unaware of what took place.

He also stated that the Constable was aware of the Standing Operating Procedures and should know what action needed to be taken.

Constable Austin, who has been a lawman for over 10 years, is stationed in the construction unit of the Police Force at Eve Leary.



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