Controversy surrounds appointment of Trevor Williams

AFC MP, Trevor Williams.

By Jomo Paul

however Junior Education Minister Nicolette Henry. [iNews' Photo]
Junior Education Minister Nicolette Henry. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – There is growing controversy surrounding the recent appointment of Alliance for Change (AFC) Member Trevor Williams as the Director of Youth.

On Friday, June 06, a press advisory confirmed the appointment of Christopher Jones as Director of Sport and Williams as the Director of Youth in the Department of Culture Youth and Sport; however Junior Education Minister Nicolette Henry could only confirm the appointment of Jones at a press conference on Monday, June 08.

The Advisory from the Ministry on Friday clearly stated “the Ministry of Education, Department of Culture, Youth and Sport invites the media to a press conference on Monday, June 8, 2015 at 10:00hrs with Minister Nicolette Henry. Two new appointees to the Ministry, Christopher Jones and Trevor Williams will also be attending the press conference.”

However, Henry now says that Williams’ appointment was pending and he is being “considered” as a possible candidate for the post.

Trevor Williams
Trevor Williams

“The Director of Youth has not been appointed…they are currently doing interviews,” said the Junior Minister.

When asked whether there are other persons being considered for the post, Henry responded in the affirmative pointing out that there is the possibility for a “broad cross section” of persons to be employed.

However, sources close to Williams told iNews that the Former AFC Parliamentarian has been confirmed to the post but he is yet to occupy his office.

The source indicated that the controversy may be brewing because the “news of the appointment was premature.” Reports have also indicated that Education Minister Dr Rupert Roopnaraine was not consulted on the appointment of either of the two men.

iNews was also reliably informed that Dr Roopnarine had also offered the very position to APNU’s James Bond. Efforts made by iNews to contact the Minister on the issue proved futile.



  1. seem to me like leaks, rather than official announcements, coalition folks pls put a lid on premature announcements. you guys can do better!

  2. Why A Director Of Sport And A Director Of Youth?

    Frankly, I cannot envisage why is it necessary to have a Director Of Sport, and a Director Of Youth.

    It seems logical that ONE Person could fill both positions and Role.

    The two positions are complimentary, to state the obvious.

  3. George! George! George your racist panties showing Pull up your skirt. Bloomers are out if you dont know. Its a new day. Light is shining in now. No more thieving, magical mansions and private jet planes with plastic bags stuffed with drug monies.. Its a new day brother. Live with it.

  4. Your so called “coalition” is already a failure. Who is the “government’s spokesman”? When will this “spokesman” start holding weekly press briefs like that of the PPP/C and post them online for all to see? Why Roopnarine cannot be contacted, so early in his life as Minister. When you run from the Press, you either don’t have answers or you hiding something. Back to BURNHAM.

  5. Granger and Nagamootoo need to sit down and review their actions the past few weeks and reshape or fine tune their strategies, going forward.
    All announcements and decisions will come through the government’s principal spokesman. Enough is enough with these stupid optics. Too early for people to be laughing at the coalition regime. Damn it, man!

  6. Ehhehehh… Coalition is colliding!!! Hear, na, people: yall must discuss things in advance cause it starting to look bad, you know?!


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