Contest ensues in APNU over Backer’s replacement

Deputy Speaker and APNU Parliamentarian, Deborah Backer.
Deputy Speaker and APNU Parliamentarian, Deborah Backer.

[]The leadership of the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has, according to insiders, been having some intense discussions as to who should replace Ms. Deborah Backer.

Backer has reportedly submitted her resignation after which GECOM will declare her seat vacant paving the way for a replacement to be named and subsequently sworn in. Backer is reportedly very ill.

The PNC, which controls APNU, is said to be fielding two candidates: Dr. Karen Cummings and Aubrey Norton. The other parties in APNU seem to favour Anthony Vieira.

Insiders told iNews there were heated debates on the possible replacement at APNU leadership meetings.

“Even at the PNC level the Carl Greenidge faction favours Aubrey Norton who is considered more radical. The Granger faction prefers Dr. Cummings,” a usually informed source disclosed.

APNU is expected to address the replacement issue at its press briefing later today.



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