Consumers urged to be on alert when purchasing cosmetics, medicines


The Government Analyst- Food & Drugs Department (GA-FDD) is advising consumers to exercise caution and be very alert when purchasing articles of Cosmetic, Medical Device and Medicines during the festive season.

In this regard, consumers are reminded to ensure that articles purchased must have a label applied in English Language with a clear written expiry date. Medicines must have package insert, must not be prepackaged and must be manufactured to be sold in Guyana’s climatic zone (IV). Pay special attention to articles that are offered for sale at a significantly low reduced price.

The Department has been increasingly intercepting substandard articles of cosmetics, medical device and medicines on our local market. In some cases, articles are either: not manufactured for Guyana’s climatic zone, being marketed at significantly reduced prices, in a foreign language, expired or would have had their expiry date deliberately removed or do not comply with the regulatory standards.

Inspectors of GA-FDD and members of the National Food Safety and Control Committee (NFSCC) focuses on protecting consumers from unsafe articles by assuring its safety, effectiveness, and quality will continue to monitor activities regarding the trade of substandard articles that fall under the remit of the GA-FDD.

Consumers are nevertheless encouraged to be alert especially during the festive season and to report any suspicious/substandard article of cosmetic, medical device, and medicine seen on our local market to the GA-FDD at 222-8857(9) or website: or email: [email protected] or to any Public Health Officer in the region or municipalities.