“Conspiracy of Silence” – Edghill chides media, civil society for not condemning political cleansing

Juan Edghill. [iNews' Photo]

By Fareeza Haniff

Juan Edghill. [iNews' Photo]
Juan Edghill. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former Junior Finance Minister under the People’s Progressive Party, Juan Edghill has criticized “some sections” of the media and civil society organisations for not speaking out against what he says is the “political and ethnic cleansing” in the new APNU+AFC government.

Edghill, at a PPP press conference at Freedom House, cited four cases of what he claims are “wrongful termination” of employment by the new administration, including that of former Press and Liaison Officer of the Office of the President, Kwame McCoy and Town Clerk (ag), Carol Sooba.

According to Edghill, people’s rights are being violated but the media and some organisations have ceased reporting on the issues.

“I am hard-pressed to see that the robustness that exited in the media fraternity and among the social and political activists has now been converted into actual inertia since May 11. Political and ethnic cleansing is happening in Guyana and it is being condoned by the quiet acceptance of people who should be speaking against it and this must stop,” Edghill told the news conference on Thursday, June 18.

He maintained that Guyana’s constitution guarantees that a person cannot be terminated or fired because of their political opinion.

“I think of the case of acting Town Clerk, Carol Sooba, who in an undignified, well orchestrated politically sanctioned manner was publicly humiliated and disgraced at a statutory meeting of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council and we didn’t hear from the Red Thread and the Women’s activists. Is this the way we’re going to treat a woman? Even if you don’t want Carol Sooba to continue being Town Clerk under your new regime, there is what is called due process,” an upset Edghill explained.

He described the situation as a “conspiracy of silence.”

“It would clearly appear that we’ve either lost our voices or we are in league or we are on vacation and I speak here about the conspiracy of silence that is coming both from the media and the civil society groups.”

The APNU+AFC government has since maintained that it is not on a “witch hunt” following allegations by the PPP that it is doing so.

iNews had reported that Permanent Secretary (PS) of the Ministry of Communities (formerly Ministry of Local Government), Collin Croal along with Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Indigenous People Affairs (formerly Ministry of Amerindian Affairs), Nigel Dharamlall have been sent home until further notice.

President David Granger had recently stated that he accepted the resignation of those PS who resigned to join the elections campaign of the PPP/C.

Both Croal and Dharamlall were present during the PPP’s campaign and had resigned but withdrew their resignations shortly before the APNU+AFC was announced the winner. Other Permanent Secretaries and public servants were also dismissed by the new government.


  1. I am not going to address this man as Bishop cause he doesn’t deserve that title.His behavior
    is and has always been Questionable. So sir Good riddance

  2. another unintelligent mouth piece who brought is title on the internet, bishop my a***!!!…I would seriously double check who you are standing up for in society….not only is kwame a nasty, duty piece of work, he should be arrested by child services for his obsession with under aged children

  3. U living in the past brother, there is a new gov’t now and if the PPP loves Guyana and respect the half of voters that turned out for them, they would put up a productive, honest and robust opposition.

  4. I especially like his question: “Is this the way we’re going to treat a woman?” Imagine this coming from a former minister within the PPP. Being out of office and having no power is making these guys into humans again. I cant recall him asking this question before. Further, I cant recall him inquiring about due process when she was appointed ahead of the other applicants who, unlike her, were all suitably qualified and experienced.

  5. FOUL, FOUL, Cries The Opposition And Their Stooges Now!

    When Guyanese were being massacred in their homes, on the streets, and at random by the Political Thugs, and Police Stooges, who cried FOUL, or Murder?

    No one in the media did. They kept MUM.

    Today, the political administration has changed, and a new ORDER is taking over, standards are being set, ethical practices are being enforced.

    Now you hypocrites in the Opposition, and Convenient media outlets are crying FOUL.

  6. Joe Tussuf ——-I have putty on you must be a scum like the rest of your ppp idiots they did the same things and worst they made the country a cesspool walking in Georgetown it reeked Carol sooba is a square peg jagdeo is a fag ramatur a rudder stamp they were taking bribe from the Chinese where no Guyanese employed by them using the people,s money for berbice bridge and Marriott eghill is a as kisser they stole the money,s not thinking they would not get caught they have to deal with the conciquences they all must go to jail. You Joe yussef we will start investigate you now watch out were coming lots of luck. Jackass

  7. I love your comment. Did you notice none of the uneducated dunce people didn’t bother to reply? Their racial eyes can never see further than their noses. CRAPNU gone in there and to sit on a nest of golden eggs but don’t worry the goose that laid them is not available anymore. They soon will run out of eggs to sport on. All the projects they never wanted to get done when they had the one seat majority they gonna finish up now because PPP started it anyway just to get the good name. Look how they nasty they had to wait on a change of governance to clean their nasty surroundings.

  8. On the Edge i can understand that.
    Why would any government retain Kwame as its laiseon or anything for that matter is Edgehill’s delusion.
    You talking about silence where were u when u all refused to appoint Ms Nedd in the Ministry of Education.
    Read Freddie on this and all i can conclude that the Minister is behaving as he is sinless.
    I dont know which God he bows to.

  9. Sent packing with the help of the ABC diplomats and Surujbully
    If GECOM has nothing to hide then they should agree to a full recount and restore its credibility it any

  10. Wasn’t this the guy who said if Jesus was to vote he would vote for the PPP/C. Well Jesus didn’t have to vote since he had David and Moses here on Earth

  11. This former “Junior” Minister is an insult to the Christian faith! Using terms like ethnic cleansing is nothing short of falsehood, lies and deception. The wrath of God is coming upon you my “brother”. What so ever a man soweth that he WILL also reap. May I remind this farce of a man crying crocodile tears over his cohorts in Carol Sooba (an unqualified person foisted upon the citizens of Georgetown – where was due process) and Kwame McKoy (nothing more than a political appointment without any Communications qualifications) that ethnic cleansing is the systematic forced removal of ethnic or religious groups from a given territory by a more powerful ethnic group, with the intent of making it ethnically homogeneous. You my “friend” is involved again in political, religious and ethical obfuscation…gwaan suh you hypocrite. I rest

  12. Ethnic and political cleansing was systematically executed for 23 years during which time edghill was silent. In 1992, I believe, the majority of senior public servants were Afro-Guyanese. The extent of this cleansing was very evident at the meeting of permanent secretaries and other leading public servants with post the 2015 elections where there was a notably vast majority of Indo-Guyanese. Im sure there are records to show the ethnic composition of senior public servants over the past 23 years. Such records would show the progressive cleansing that the PPP did.

  13. These folks are either Mad or they are from Mars. This is why they could not identify with the Guyanese peoples. Are we obligated to read to this level of foolishness every day? These folks really lived in a world of their own.

  14. Sandra THANK YOU, this house slave is one of the many ppl who think GOD sleepes,this insult who should be serving the church chose to serve Bharrat and the 40 criminals,juan is a perfect example of a Creep!!! A Jack??? JUAN the cup empty of power,its filled with tax dollars,ask you X bosses to return it all,,

  15. What did Juan Edghill accomplish as Junior Finance Minister that proved he deserved that appointment? He is an example of why others deserve to be sent home. In fact, we all know why the PPP, itself, was sent packing: unfit to serve!

  16. This is all I would say, why is this low life making headlines? Go get a life and while you at it cleanse your spirit. Poor excuse for a human being.

  17. the ppp is a party living in persecutory delusion and they know good how to use racism and bigotry to divide the country. its campaign was based around fear mongering, incitement to hate and blatant racism. juan edghill should be ashamed for coming out with this nonsense for the archives are there that everyone who would like to look again at his behavior on the ppp’s campaign trail. anyone wanting to see what is in juan edghill’s head knows they only have to look at his address to the gullible and naive people agathered to listen to the racist people from the party making speeches at the lilliandall commemoration. he is barefaced enough to think the guyanese people will forget the ppp’s record and enamor themselves with the ppp because the party feels the world wronged them.

  18. How many of those ppp/c workers were academically qualified for those positions they’ve held? Including you, edghill. You all were a bunch of political misfits who had gotten decades of free taxes payers money. Because of the ignorance, of the part, the country and the people of Guyana have suffered tremendously. Have you read what the constitution says? And The the PRESIDENT OF GUYANA, MR. DAVID GRANGER, One should not return to their position, as a public servant, permanent secretary, etc after which he/she resigned and/or campaign for a ruling party. That shouldn’t be to difficult to understand. But, then again, you wouldn’t for you are still you.

  19. Why did I news even give mr edghill. A chance to make a fool of his self is it political mileage he is looking well he runout of that along time Kwame should not be home he should have been doing massages for his roommate in camp streets

  20. conspiracy of silance, on your part yes, can you may be enlighten us , on the conspiracy of thieves, that was in the last goverement, i sure as an junior minister in finance dept, you could at least point us in the directions, of the missing billions, that has suddenly
    disappared , afterwards no silence, there shall be a lot of noise, how do you see yourself in an orange jumpsuit, think about it hard,,,,,,,,here shall be no amnstey for you guys

  21. some times when i listen to the present opposition i wonder if the are the same people and when you look at Guyana now you can see the difference where people are getting more involved,the Govt.in trying to get things right and the ppp crying and critizing our new Govt

  22. Anthony Cummings suddenly Edghill what crap are u harping here I had some respect for you as a human and schoolmate .
    You have lied so much to the people about your upbringing and past life that you won’t like me to come forward with the gloves off .
    You are a disgrace to yourself stay quiet .
    This man Is such a fool Sooner not later the whole country will learn about your lies.
    Kwame should be in jail as a child molester as for Sooba jail soon catch she too .
    Anthony Cummings watch your self as Jail soon befall you for impersonating and lying on the holy bible .as wife beaters and advantage takers are the biggest sinners.
    You will rot in hell

  23. edghill you are a total lackie/crony of the vindictive evil ppp cabal. you should shut your ignorant trap and keep quiet. you have no shame, you were part and parcel of the racist ppp regime so don’t go spewing your trash cuz no one with half a brain will believe your bilge. furthermore, ask jagdeo why he had his boy ashney singh run a parallel treasury, why did they take public funds to build the Marriott without employing one single Guyanese, why did they siphon funds from petro-caribe funds to their pet projects to give kick backs to CON-tractors who did shoddy and under par work projects to no benefit of the people. shut your damn mouth edghill you were a parasite on the people. now you feel the pinch of what real accountability is, so suck it up. it’s just beginning!

  24. Edghill could have chosen more credible examples. Those excuses are not even worthy of mention. No administration in their right minds would hire McCoy or Sooba. Two unqualified party hacks that were frankly an embarrassment. Neither of them knew what they were doing except displaying the misplaced authority vested on them by persons just as brainless. These two were poster children for ineptitude and were a reflection of those who hired them.Total embarrassments. One does not need to revisit the history of these two square pegs. So much for these two nonentities. Edgill should go bury his head in a pile of monudo. First of all this is not new all incoming administrations replace persons in key positions. K- News editor is about to publish a list of persons axed by the PPP in 1992. They did it too. That hypocrite Edgill seems to be suffering from a convenient memory loss which seems to be at viral proportions in the PPP.

  25. I fully agree with the former minister Juan Edghill- indeed the media and activist groups have remained extremely quiet about the blatant ethnic cleansing being executed by the defacto APNU/AFC regime. It is obvious that there is no due process for terminating anyone. This military / dictatorship approach totally violates all of the human rights progress that was established by the PPP/C.

    Where is Kaiteur News now – they no longer have the PPP regime to beat up on. Mr. Glen Lall dare not publish anything negative about the current defacto government. If he does he can be assured that the current dictatorship regime will quickly put him out of business.

    A day does not go by with the current defacto government trying to accuse the PPP/C government of corruption and mismanagementand trying everyway to come up with fabricated evidence to prove their point. Kudos to the PPP/C members for their prompt response in providing factual evidence to prove the ddefacto government wrong.

    On a brighter side the APNU/AFC can appreciate the fact that at least the country is not bankrupt like in 1992 when the PNC lost the first free and fair election. Every project that they are working on right now was initiated by the PPP/C government. Sadly at the rate they APNU/ AFC is going we will be returning very quickly to the dark days and even more sadly the Guyanese people will be the ones that will pay the price for an inept government- APNU/AFC.

    My parting words to the people of Guyana – do not sit back and be quiet. Speak up for your right, have peaceful non violent demonstrations and not let the defacto government continue the ethnic cleaning and take you back to the dark days – don’t let the government get away and suppress your right. We are in the twentieth century and not the not the 70s and 80s where the PNC made Guyana the second poorest country behind Hati.

    jJoe Yussuff

    Mr Editor kindly print this letter in your INews and not disregard

  26. The former junior Finance Minister is an idiot and a dunce. Anywhere int the world where you have free elections, the winner brings a new agenda and hire or fire people that either supports or is against that agenda. A change in gov’t does not mean the President’s office alone. The losers will always bi**h about one thing or the next, just the way it is

  27. Let me ask Mr. Edghill one question, in which other civilized country can some one in the position of Carol Sooba not attend meetings because she thought that she was above that and retain her job, as for Kwame McCoy, he needs no comments, he was a puppet of the PPP, “hanging he mouth whe de soup fallin”. In a democracy, when a government comes into power, they choose their people, the PPP did the same when they were in power, anyone saying different is LYING. So Mr Edghill, please wake up from your slumber.


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