Consensus is a must on national issues – Min. Ali


irfaan-aliActing Industry and Commerce Minister Irfaan Ali said that on issues of national interest, consensus should be non-negotiable.

Outlining three current issues before the country; the recently proposed and withdrawn electricity tariff hike, the anti-money laundering legislation and the Amaila Falls Hydro electricity project where political consensus is urgently needed, Ali said while there is much talk of achieving this, it must be born out of pro-Guyana and pro-development agenda.

But this consensus, Ali posited must be inclusive of all views and cemented only in a common vision.

Ali also believes agreement at the political level should not be based on political power or maneuverings or embedded in mischief and confusion.

Citing the Amaila Falls project, he noted that while the parliamentary opposition’s recent visit of the road is a step in the right direction, the business community and citizens cannot be kept in limbo on the project.

On the Anti-money Laundering legislation, politicians, private sector stakeholders, trade unionists are being urged to familiarise themselves with the implications and consequences riding on the timely passage of this bill.

This issue, Minister all said goes beyond boundaries and borders and is another non-negotiable for the people of Guyana. [Delicia Fletcher]