Community service for Labourer found with marijuana


court[] – Chief Magistrate, Ann McLennan imposed a fine and sentenced a Labourer to community service after he pleaded guilty to breaking and entering and the unlawful possession of marijuana.

Davo Paul of Front Road Tabatinga, Rupununi pleaded guilty to the allegation which stated that between December 17 and December 18 at Tabatinga Drive., he broke and entered into the home of Allistair Charlie and stole a laptop valued $140,000.

He also accepted the charge which read that on December 18 at the Lethem Police Station, he had in his possession three grams of marijuana.

Paul, in his explanation to the Court, alleged that he was walking pass the VC’s home when he saw the laptop at the window on a desk and subsequently took it. Meanwhile, on the narcotics charge, he alleged that an unnamed individual sent him to purchase the drug.

The Magistrate fined Paul $7,000 with 40 hours of community service to be served at the Lethem Police Station on the narcotics charge, along with a $50,000 fine on the break and enter charge or a default 8 weeks imprisonment.



  1. It is very sad to hear that is only now,after public out cry , that this Magistrate has made a good decision.
    If these Magistrates were imposing community services long before now on a regular basis where appropriate,like cleaning of the city,Georgetown could have been a clean place all the time.
    Prisoners use to clean the city e.g cleaning of the gutters and alleyways and have their sentences reduced years ago.
    Why not do this more often?This will save Tax Payers Money in a good way.

  2. Thanks,CM McLennan. You folks on the bench are listening. Stop jailing Guyanese for miniscule amounts of ganja. The court’s community liaison should work with government agencies that provide community services to allow those guilty of possessing small amounts of ganja to do their community services there.


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