Commissioner admits confusion in reports of Constable Leroy English shooting

Constable Leroy English nursing gunshot wounds at a City Hospital.


By Leroy Smith

Police Commissioner, Seelall Persaud.
Police Commissioner, Seelall Persaud.

[] – Commissioner of Police (ag) Seelall Persaud this morning (Thursday, September 4), told reporters that there is mass confusion surrounding the shooting of Constable Leroy English yesterday at Eccles, East Bank of Demerara by one of his colleagues, who mistook him for a bandit.

The Commissioner when questioned stated that he is in receipt of reports which suggests a different scenario and as such noted that statements will have to be taken to ascertain what really occurred on the morning of September 03.

In addition, the Top Cop said that the matter is being investigated and at the appropriate time the police will inform the public, through the media, on the status of those investigations.

He said once evidence is collected from all parties involved, the Force should in a better position to pronounce definitively on the matter.

Seelall reiterated that the police have the right under the law to stop and search any vehicle if the ranks feel there is reasonable suspicion for the vehicle or its occupants to be searched.

Police, in a statement, confirmed that English was shot in his right arm and foot but did not get into the details.

Constable Leroy English nursing gunshot wounds at a City Hospital.
Constable Leroy English nursing gunshot wounds at a City Hospital.

iNews learnt that the police ranks involved in the shooting were not familiar with each other, as they were both in plain clothes and were chasing a car driven by the son of a popular businessman.

The two police ranks were in separate vehicles chasing the businessman’s son, who allegedly made the car of senior police officer careened off the road.

When the chase reached the East Bank of Demerara, the occupants of all three vehicles reportedly exited identifying themselves as police officers. The Constable who eventually shot English has been identified as Jeffers and according to information received he mistook English for a bandit.




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