Commerce Ministry lambaste minibus operators for increasing fares


[] – The Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce has expressed its concern at what they described as the uncaring and contradictory action being displayed by some minibus operators, who increased their fares.

In a press statement issued to the media, the Commerce Ministry noted that the minibus operators“seem determine to unilaterally adjust their fares upwards and hold the travelling public to ransom, as a means of bullying an acceptance of their callousness.”

The Ministry made it clear that instituting any fare increase without the conclusion of a joint (Operators/ bargaining body, and the Ministry) agreement is unacceptable, and breaches the good faith principle that should permeate discussions currently ongoing among the parties.

As such, the Ministry rejected the recent attempts of minibus operators to one-sidedly impose fare increases and calls upon commuters to disregard the increased fare structure.

On Wednesday, Route 31 minibus and hire car operators protested for a $20 fare increase, urging the Commerce Ministry to approve it.



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