Coastal residents warned as high tides expected this week


Coastal residents are being urged to prepare for high tides expected this week.

It was only a month ago that devastating floodwaters from recurring high tides hit several sections of the coastland, causing major losses.

On Tuesday a notice was issued by Junior Public Infrastructure Minister, Jaipaul Sharma advising that the spring tide will commence on Friday, October 25 and will last until Thursday, October 31.

Persons living in vulnerable areas are being asked to employ all precautions to safeguard their health and safety during this period. As usual, giant waves will be pounding over the sea defence structures, most likely causing inundation.

The Public Health Ministry had sent out precautions, urging citizens to stay out of the water and keep food items safe. Water-borne diseases can be contracted by contact with these waters.
Protective gears should be used along with regular washing of feet after exiting the waters.

If necessary, Vaseline or oil can be applied to form a barrier to protect from the dirty water.

Adding to that, water poses as breeding grounds for mosquitoes which spreads Zika, dengue and chikungunya virus. Fruits and vegetables should be washed thoroughly with clean water to prevent contamination.