Coast Guard rank arrested for assaulting cop

The GDF rank holding the cop in a chokehold while dealing him cuffs

A Lance Corporal of the Guyana Defence Force’s Coast Guard was arrested on Friday night after physically assaulting a Police Constable who had pulled him over for a traffic offence.

The incident occurred sometime around 20:00h on the western end of the Demerara Harbour Bridge, West Bank Demerara.

According to Police reports, the Constable was conducting Anti-Crime Patrol duties at the western end of the Demerara Harbour Bridge, and while directing the eastbound traffic which had two lanes that merged into one on the Meer-Zorgen Public Road, he observed a dark grey motorcar trying to change lane and in the process caused congestion of traffic.

As a result, the police officer approached the driver of the car, who was later identified as a GDF member of La Parfaite Harmonie, W.B.D, and told him of the offense committed and then instructed him to pull to the corner of the said road.

After being instructed by the cop, the driver reportedly became annoyed, exited the vehicle, and chucked the Constable.

The Police rank warned the driver about his behavior and asked him to desist, which he ignored and proceeded to further assault the officer by choking him and dealing him several cuffs about his face and body, causing him to receive injuries.

The Constable was then assisted by other ranks, who managed to arrest the driver and escorted him to the La Grange Police Station.

Meanwhile, the cop was escorted to the West Demerara Regional Hospital, where he was treated and sent away for the injuries he sustained during the altercation.

The suspect remains in custody while investigations continue.