CMO scolds repatriated Guyanese for giving false information to health officials

Persons at the CJIA shortly after arriving

Chief Medical Officer Dr Shamdeo Persaud on Wednesday scolded Guyanese who are being repatriated for reportedly giving health officials false information upon their arrival in the country.

“This irresponsible and selfish act is putting your life and the lives of our citizens at risk and placing undue pressure on our health workers and health system,” the CMO contended.

“I therefore wish to remind you that the stipulated quarantine that you signed on to, in your effort to return home is important and is for your protection. Arriving with a negative PCR test does not prevent you from contracting COVID-19, while travelling or on arrival in Guyana; remember you are still at risk hence the reason we want to check on you to ensure that you are not experiencing any signs or symptoms,” the CMO explained.

He noted that it is “disappointing” to learn that when health officials try to follow up with Guyanese who have been repatriated, they are either not at home or the health officials are unable to contact them because the information provided is inaccurate.

“You are deliberately defying the terms of your repatriation and making it difficult for those who are still waiting to repatriate,” the CMO expressed.

Dr Persaud reminded that the safety of “your fellow Guyanese is dependent on your staying home until your quarantine period is completed and that your adherence to these guidelines makes the return of your fellow nationals possible”.

Upon arrival, Guyanese are required to be quarantined at home for seven days.