Clean up phenomenon sweeps through Georgetown


By Jomo Paul

IMG-20150524-WA0001[] – One day after President David Granger took his oath of office, he initiated a clean-up process that was centered around desilting canals in preparation for the rainy season but that initiative has spawned several other clean up programmes around Georgetown as residents begin to take a proactive approach to the well being of the Garden City.

Throughout last week and into this week several groups and businesses have begun clean up exercises joining the effort to restore Georgetown.
In Bent-Street Wortmanville, a crew of residents on Sunday May 24, cleaned up their drains and parapets in the area.

However on Mandela Avenue, the project was much bigger with a popular businessman enlisting the aid of some residents and beginning a massive clean-up process. Close to thirty persons were observed by iNews cleaning main waterways and painting bridges in the area.DSC_7935

iNews spoke to the businessman who explained that he was inspired by recent clean up action across the city hence he decided to “chip” in and help. No stranger to community projects, the businessman who prefers to remain anonymous said all it took was him calling out the residents and providing them with the requisite tools for the job to get them involved.10996029_10153306089387604_8341590747904403280_n

He explained that he took it upon himself to buy some tools and materials to get the job done since he says it as a way of giving back to the community. It was pointed out that the group intends to continue cleaning until it reaches the Gymnasium on Mandela Avenue.

In the past the People’s Progressive Party/Civic had commenced clean-up operations but received little to no response from the general public with respect to aid.

On social media, Ephraim Haley pointed out that “citizens of Guyana need to learn to inspire themselves. I’ve never seen such a drive to “clean up” until we experienced a change of government. This clean up drive was present before but a lot of people were of the view that “it ain’t mek sense cause ppl gon litter anyway” So why now, some folks so enthused to clean up? Political points? Good image?”



  1. It always amazes me how some people thrive on negativity and pessimism. Why all the despondent talk about how these efforts are bound to fail? This is a positive thing for our communities, so why not do what we can (even if it’s just offering words of encouragement) to help build momentum and advance these efforts? I personally commend these citizens and business organizations for embracing our social responsibility to maintain a clean and beautiful Guyana. There are communities around the world that have sustained such efforts by fostering a spirit of social responsibility of its citizens, and we are no less capable of doing the same. Keep up the good work, fellow Guyanese!

  2. @ coolie bully> Which hog are you speaking of jagdeo?

    >>One People,One Nation, One Destiny – do us all a favor, find a rock and hide yourself and your cohorts under it. Less mess for them to see and clean!

    PS: Make sure you round up all the mad cows and their filth droppings from roaming wild throughout the streets of Georgetown>>

    Our Land of the free is to Human Beings and people that built that country not those that stole, raped and sold it to other countries.. Its amazing that your recalcitrance is compounded by your ineptitude –

  3. Well done Guyana. We will once again be the garden city. All we have to do is continue gong forward.

  4. WOW this is so nice to see, its good to see the very citizens cleaning, the trash is from them all, The big Q ? Is the PPP spent half a billion and not too long ago, and the city has all that trash, if this clean up was done by them this would have been in the billions, they would have raped the Bank of Guyana, Unity Love Respect,,God Bless Guyana

  5. LMFAO !!!! It’s amazing that these people had to wait for their own kind to tell them to clean up their own mess. Every one of them should be ashamed because efforts were made before but the very ones out there trying to be noticed are the very ones who made the mess. You can bathe and clean a hog till he sparkle but what will he do when he sees mud????


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