Claims disputed in assault case against Benn Jr.

An X – ray displaying Benn Jr. broken fingers.
An X – ray displaying Benn Jr. broken fingers.

There are now conflicting reports regarding the violent relationship between the son of Transport Minister Robesonn Benn and the ex-girlfriend who has filed fresh claims that the young Benn sexually and physically abused her.

The woman, 27-year-old Vanisha Seenauth has told Police that Benn Jr. forced his way into her home last Sunday morning and then raped and beat her at gunpoint.

But those close to Benn Jr. say his side of the story isn’t being told.

Seenauth is reported by several media outlets as claiming that one occasion she was kicked in her stomach so much so that she suffered a miscarriage.

Robeson Benn Jr.

Robeson Benn Jr.

However, someone closely associated with Benn Jr. is disputing her claims, saying the woman actually had an abortion at a private Georgetown hospital on November 10 last year.

The friend of Benn Jr. has told iNews that when Seenauth found out she was pregnant last year, the couple decided to undergo counseling after which they agreed to do the abortion, since they were not “ready” for a baby.

However, the very evening the abortion was done, it has been claimed that the two were engaged in a heated argument during which they both assaulted each other. It is claimed that the woman stabbed Benn Jr. and he kicked her during the scuffle.

The friend, who wanted not to be identified, said that Seenauth had physically abused Benn Jr. on other occasions.

iNews understands that the unstable relationship between the two individuals began sometime in July of last year, and Seenauth reportedly struck Benn Jr. with a piece of wood and broke two of his fingers.

Benn Jr. is not known to have filed any reports against Seenauthy, but she filed complaints with the Police on at least three occasions; on all those occasions she withdrew those complaints.

The young woman's face shortly after the alleged assault last Sunday.

The young woman’s face shortly after the alleged assault last Sunday.

Even though family members believe the two have severed their relationship, Benn Jr. is known to be frequent the woman’s house.

Benn Jr. has not been charged in connection with the latest report filed by Seenauth.