City Hall to undergo major rehabilitation, will cost more than $200M



By Fareeza Haniff

city-hall[] – The City Hall building is scheduled for major renovations, which will cost more than $200M, according to Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon.

He told reporters at a post cabinet media briefing on Wednesday (April 23) that government “emphasized its resolve to fast track interventions” into rehabilitating the building.

While Dr Luncheon admitted that the building could collapse at anytime, he did not reveal further details as to who will foot the expense for the rehabilitation or how soon it will come on stream.

He told the news conference that “interest” into the building’s rehabilitation surfaced recently and it will take time for the administration to confirm that the “sources” have access to adequate funding for the renovations.

“This is an unsound building. It could fall down anytime…We’re looking at a comprehensive renovation of City Hall,” the Cabinet Secretary said.

This, he said remains a major concern for the government. Meanwhile, on a separate note, Dr Luncheon noted that the Attorney General has since appealed the ruling of Chief Justice (ag) Ian Chang, who quashed the appointment of the Town Clerk, Carol Sooba.

Sooba is now acting in the position, without the support of the Mayor and City Council.



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