City Hall makes appeal to business community for vehicles

APNU Member of Parliament, Joseph Harmon.
APNU Member of Parliament, Joseph Harmon.

[]The councilors of the Mayor and City Council are appealing to the corporate community to assist them with vehicles so that they can get their work done.

The councilors made their appeal through Parliamentarian and member of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Joseph Harmon, who told reporters at a press conference on Friday, November 29 that he had a meeting with all managers of the solid waste system in Georgetown on Thursday, where the City Council members revealed that there is not a single working vehicle that is under the control of the Mayor and City Council of Georgetown.

“I’m putting out a call in their regard for any assistance that they can get. What they’ve asked for is vehicles. If citizens or corporate community can provide them with trucks and so on, they are prepared to work assiduously to get the city clean,” Harmon said.

The APNU member said that a proposal was made for one big clean up to be done in Georgetown, after which garbage can be removed twice per week by dividing the city in ten clusters.

“What they’re saying is that if we’re to try and bring this situation under control we would need a massive clean – up and thereafter twice per week a removal of garbage in these ten clusters.”

Additionally, APNU Leader, David Granger explained that it costs City Hall approximately $1 million to remove 250 tonnes of garbage every – day. Granger pointed out that although the boundaries of Georgetown were expanded, the resources to run those expanded boundaries were never provided to City Hall, which is prevented from raising money independently.




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